Live at MFNW 2013, Day 2: The Love Language

all photos by Morgen Schuler (view set)

Some artists come out of their bedroom studios only to return to the comfort of their four-tracks, and some emerge from the loft and never go back. Stuart McLamb, the creative force behind North Carolina’s The Love Language, clearly falls into the latter category. Even when he was technologically limited, McLamb’s indie pop has always been grandly envisioned and fervently executed with the resources available. The group’s latest album, Ruby Red, was recorded over two years with a large cast of players augmenting McLamb’s Spector-esque vision for a larger, more sweeping sonic statement.

To translate his studio ideas in a live setting, McLamb recruited a live band to join him on this tour, and together, they transform his songs into bombastic, fist-pumping anthems. McLamb shouts his vocals with a passion we hadn’t seen in previous performances. Even the big, plastic Jesus they propped up on their amp looked impressed.

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