The New KEXP “Power Cord” Tee is Here!

Doesn’t Sharlese look adorable in our new KEXP “Power Cord” T-shirt? Hard to believe it almost didn’t happen … because I was too scared to ask for help.

I knew months ago that I wanted to ask Corianton Hale of Sleep Op Projects to design the 2013 Fall Drive tee. Corianton does amazing work for all sorts of cool clients, including Seattle stalwarts like Vain Hair Salon, the Crocodile, and Easy Street Records.

But I kept putting off asking.  I was worried he’d be too busy or, worse yet, insulted that I was asking him to donate services for free. The little gremlins in my brain had me convinced that if I did ask, and Corianton said no, that somehow meant KEXP was unworthy of support.

Luckily, those stupid gremlins shut up long enough for me to call Corianton. His reply? “I would love to do a KEXP T-shirt!” It turns out he’s wanted to for years. As an independent musician (he plays in Tullycraft) and ardent music fan, Corianton appreciates the amazing music from all eras that he hears on KEXP and he’s grateful for the support KEXP shows local bands.

So now I’m going to steel my courage and ask for help again. Think about all the joy KEXP brings to your life. Hell, think about the time a song or artist on KEXP helped you work up the guts to do something you were frightened to do! And then make a gift to KEXP, right now, as part of our Fall Fundraising Drive. Donate $100 or more and you can select the “Power Cord” tee as a thank-you

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The only reason KEXP can bring you all the music you love is because you respond when we ask for support, and we’re extraordinarily grateful for that. As long as we can rely on one other for support, there’s no end to the beautiful things we’ll create together: podcasts, in-studio performances, exclusive videos … and more kick-ass T-shirts, too.

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