Scene and Unheard: Wynne Greenwood, White Poppy, and Weed!

On any given weekend in Seattle, there are a million amazing shows to see - from jazz at a coffee shop or theater, to a grunge show at a DIY space, to a major act at any one of our large venues. Maybe this weekend you want to try something new, maybe you heard one song by this small electronic, folk, grunge group, maybe it as on Audioasis, maybe it was from a friend, or maybe you’re just tired of what you’ve been previously listening to. Luckily for you, the PNW is ripe with local acts. Because we love the amazing diversity of venues, art spaces, producers, bookers, musicians, and talent, we’re going to suggest a few. This week we recommend Wynne Greenwood, Of Magic, HITS, and JONGU at Heartland; White Poppy, Secret Colors, and Pill Wonder at Cairo; and Weed LP release party with FF and So Pitted at Cairo.

Friday, September 13: Heartland

I first heard about Wynne Greenwood from a friend who was taking a class from her. “She’s super weird, but it’s so awesome,” she said, before pulling up a video of Greenwood with her iconic 3-person, all of which were Greenwood, art band Tracy and The Plastics. But that was pre-2006, and Greenwood has been active ever since, having most recently recorded her supremely underrated by both music and art worlds album A Fire To Keep You Warm. She has also been expanding far beyond The Plastics, with work that incorporates her struggles with anxiety, and her queerness in a straight world. With her will be Of Magic, which includes the prolific Lori Goldston. Also performing is HITS and JONGU. More info here. Heartland, 8pm, SD, all-ages.

Wynne Greenwood:


In a world where solo projects are accepted as legitimate, fully capable musical alter-egos, Vancouver’s White Poppy is a masterfully orchestrated persona of Crystal Dorval. Impressionistic and heady, the drifting sounds that echo and reverberate with hidden vocals and sliding instrumentation are timeless, transporting one from the boring and dizzy world of grey concrete and black matter into one of colorful hamlets and kaleidoscopic deep space. She calls her music theraputic for a reason. Dorval also offers up her psyche through Sanity Soap, as well as visual art. She will be performing with Seattle’s own blissful dream-escaper Secret Colors, as well as a personal favorite pop-star gone awry, Pill Wonder (please play “I Lub You” again?). More info here. Cairo, 8pm, all-ages.

White Poppy:

Secret Colors:

Saturday, September 14th: Cairo

If you recall, KEXP’s John Richards had to actually write a letter (“Please allow this rag-tag band called ‘Weed’ across the border, we swear they are up to only good”) to help Vancouver’s Weed get across the border. Now they are releasing their most recent album Deserve on Seattle’s Couple Skate Records. Not only is the album great, but their live show is even better, featuring scuzz accompanied by a deep emotional reserve of various culturally scarring incidents (see “Gun Shy” and “Hollowed Out” for a brief description of our post 90s generation). I brough my 17 year old sibling to see them at Cairo last fall, and am stoked to get to see them again. They’ll be playing with FF and So Pitted. More info here. Cairo, 8pm, all-ages.


Weed on KEXP:


Honorable Mentions:

This Thursday, The In Arts NW is hosting a whole bunch of amazing artists at their space on Capitol Hill. In addition to visual works, there will be some droney/mystically music from Stalebirth and Cutting Head. (all-ages)

At Black Lodge on Saturday you can catch the power pop punk RVIVR before they head out on yet another tour, as well as queercore Agatha and Corner Kick. You can’t ask for much better thrashing dancing music. (all-ages)

A new space will be hosting a whole slew of amazing pop bands/musicians on Saturday, including Richard Album from Chicago and Seattle’s Sick Sad World. In addition, they will be joined by duo Palace of Buddies (Salt Lake), The Act of Estimating as Worthless (Brooklyn), Hedge Hag, and The Pornocats from Seattle. Info here. ($5, all-ages)

Funny Button and Another Dream were fantastic DIY spaces in their day – but are being somewhat reincarnated as Magic Lanes. Apparently there will not be many shows, but on Monday September 16th is a really magic show. Boston’s Emily Reo brings her shape-shifting electro-pop alongside fellows Cuddle Formation and Florida’s Peace Arrow. The whole line-up is as spacey future-hippie as it can get. With Garrett Moore and Geological Creep. (all-ages, $5)

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