Review Revue: Birdhouse – Burnin’ Up

History seems to have mostly forgotten the London band Birdhouse – or The Birdhouse, depending on whom you consult – with references to their work turning up at baseline music information sites such as Allmusic and Discogs, but not much analysis or information beyond that. The only way I even found out where they were from is a rather scathing summation of the band from Trouser Press (a useful source for many of the bands and albums we showcase here). It appears the majority of KCMU DJs were seduced by the hard-hitting rock of Birdhouse at the time, however derivative it might have been, but one lone, snarky voice was brave enough to stand up and speak against the crowd.

As an aside, as if I needed evidence of how entrenched my brain is in the world of bands and band names: it didn’t even occur to me that a “birdhouse” was anything but a fairly typical compound-noun band name until I googled it.. Oh yeah, it turns out people build houses for birds and call them birdhouses! Whaddaya know!

“I thought they were American but I think I’m wrong. [illegible] strikes again. Rock which is well done and hard hitting. Omph!”

“Ya! Hoo! Bikes, burns, belches, hoo boy!”

“Yas, suh! Shredz.”

“H – The Birdhouse rawks!”

“These guys do some heavy duty rock n roll! Whew I dig this.”

“This is artificial, boring, American-retrograde, speed-shit with dull riffs and duller lyrics. Everytime I listen, I move from song to song seeking something, and it isn’t here. I don’t want Birdhouse in H. Put ‘em by the White Zombie disc in M.”

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