Review Revue: The Pooh Sticks – Orgasm

Leave it to a Welsh indie pop band to take a perfectly innocent game invented by beloved children’s author A.A. Milne for his son and turn it into a band name with unpleasantly coprological overtones. (The most unpleasant part: “The Pooh Sticks” works as both a plural noun and a sentence. Ew.) In case you thought they really might be wide-eyed Winnie the Pooh fans who unintentionally named their band something gross, they helpfully titled their first album Orgasm to clear that up for you. That band name/album title combo would have led me to assume we were in for some Butthole Surfers-style heavy weirdness, but Allmusic calls this live EP “both a trifling giggle and a solid set of punk-influenced sweet-tooth pop.” Let’s see if the KCMU DJs were able to get past the nomenclature and appreciate the music on its own terms.

“Dumb name, cool band from Scotland [Wales] & on the excellent 53rd & 3rd (Ramones’ tone) label. In the same realm as the Pastels, the Vaselines (whatever happened to them??), & Teenage Fan Club. Very Buzzcocks-ish. Pretty smart-ass shit, esp 1-1. Distributed by K so that should give you some idea as to where this is coming from. I live for this stuff! Be forewarned – not great sound quality & pretty sloppy vocals (I guess this was recorded live). Tiny bit too like the Chills at times.”

“They’re awfully snotty.”

“Yes, well snot is my 3rd favorite bodily fluid, so I like them.”

“Whaddaya mean “poor sound quality”?! All that static is part of the music. I dig!”

“Watch out for segues!”

“Boy, I am just enjoying the tape I made of this sooo much!”

“Too bad you didn’t support the band by buying the record!”

“‘On Tape'”

“‘I Know Someone [Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Well]” is a rather pointed parody of the British indie scene of ’86-’87, in the same manner as ‘NW Rock Star’ would be for Seattle’s scene later.” [Anyone know what “NW Rock Star” might refer to? I can’t seem to find anything.]

“‘1 2 3 Redlight’!!”


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