Review Revue: Pigface – Spoon Breakfast

Pigface is yet another band that I should have been all over in my high school years, as a fan of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Big Black, Foetus, and all things tinny and discordant and rhythmic and yelly. I know I was aware of their existence, but did I know their debut full length album, Gub, featured appearances by David Yow, Trent Reznor, and Steve Albini, in addition to founders Martin Atkins and Bill Rieflin? (And that’s just their first album; Wikipedia has an impressive list of Pigface collaborators over their long career.) Somehow I almost totally missed the boat on Pigface – although I’ve definitely heard “Little Sisters” before; my thanks to whoever must have put that one on a mix tape for me at some point.

This EP, which came out before Gub, is apparently quite the collector’s item, but this copy isn’t exactly in mint condition, what with all these reviews plastered on it. It’s probably for the best, though; records are for playing! If you want to hear something off Spoon Breakfast, you should drop the DJ a line next time you’re listening.

“Martin Atkins (in Killing Joke now, I guess) and Bill Rieflin were the two drummers on Ministry’s last tour. The music here is assaultive and is built around the drums. Each song has a different lead singer (Ogre is from Skinny Puppy and Chris Connelly’s from the Revolting Cocks, David Yow’s from Scratch Acid and En Esch is from KMFDM) and the singer has apparently written his own lyrics. This precedes an LP due out in 1991. Both B-sides are impressive; the A-sides are less so.”

“Very loud, so be forewarned.”

“But not too loud. I enjoyed the whole thing.”

“The En Esch cut is my fav.”

“‘Bushmaster Bushmaster Remix’ sounds like a rip-off of ‘Stinkfist.'”

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