Spring Fundraising Drive: Going the Distance

El Toro prepares for 2002 Vancouver Marathon

Never underestimate the power of great music to boost your strength and endurance. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been working out, about to “hit the wall,” when hearing Grace Jones, Matthew Dear, or Soundgarden propelled me through one more set of bench presses.

Yesterday morning, KEXP launched its own Running Club as part of the 2014 Spring Fundraising Drive. Some very generous music lovers made gifts to KEXP in exchange for the opportunity to run around Green Lake with KEXP staff and volunteers. Donors who prefer to walk will do so with Morgan, and those who like the rehydration part of running best will meet Troy at a nearby watering hole early. There’s room for all in the KEXP Community.

If KEXP has ever powered you through a challenge — be it training for a marathon or simply sitting in motionless traffic for a record-breaking stretch — please make a donation to keep all that great music and community going strong. Your gift of any amount today will prevent us from hitting the wall…. and falling short of our fundraising goals.

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John is going to be making some special workout/running podcasts for KEXP listeners later this spring, too. They’ll feature uplifting songs pepped with inspirational quotes and fitness fun facts and random interruptions from John yelling “RUN FASTER!” and “THEY’RE RIGHT BEHIND YOU!”

Okay, I made up that part about the yelling. But you give KEXP the freedom to do that. Make things up, I mean. YOU are the #1 reason KEXP can be spontaneous and play music that reflects and enriches real life, because your donations keep KEXP commercial-free and listener-powered.

Don’t let KEXP “hit the wall.” Please make your gift today. Give $100 or more and you can look extra snazzy at the gym in our new “Music Matters” T-shirt!

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