Review Revue: Dead Moon – Defiance

It turns out I have previously blogged in this space about a Dead Moon album, but I’m going to do it again, because 1) that was over four years ago, which on the Internet is like a whole nother geological age; 2) they have fourteen albums, I think I can write about two of ‘em for crying out loud; 3) this is DEAD MOON, people! Important stuff.

A little Fred and Toody update: Pierced Arrows is still a going concern, although in March they announced that Fred was having some serious problems with his heart. The update on their web site says that “Fred’s heart operation went very well,” and “he’s recovering faster than expected,” which is all very good news. I’m sure we’ll see them both tearing up clubs around the Northwest before we know it. Best wishes to Fred and Toody!

“All right, we need a Dead Moon record in H. The last one deserved it + this seems to as well. 2-2 is great.”

“The two on your right have been around P-town for years in bands like The Rats and Western Front.”

“More primal punk from this Oregon band. Sounds like a cross between the Nomads and the Wipers. Minimal songs sung with a lot of feeling. Some good guitar work breaks through occasionally. My main criticism is the ‘mono’ sound. Although it evokes a particular mood, I think the songs would have come across a bit stronger in stereo. Overall I liked it.”

“1-2! 1-4!”

“(Second that.)”


“I like!”

“Gosh, if they were on Sub Pop & didn’t put their records out themselves, they’d probably be huge . . . they do have a ‘cult’ following in Europe, however.”

“It’s in M-O-N-O. These guys play grimy clubs in Portland and seem underappreciated there. What do you expect from a town that gave us Sally Struthers?”

“I hate to go against popular opinion, but this sucks butt!”

“They remind me of – of – Pere Ubu.”

“Hot damn!”

“This is so great. Check out 2-5, a real nice quiet one.”

“‘Primal Punk’ is as quaint as rockabilly, and they really don’t go [illegible] with this [illegible].”

Fred Cole was in the Weeds & Lollipop Shoppe – ’60s garage bands. He’s been doing this forever & still does it well. 1 cut is on Pebbles #8, try also Nuggets: The Northwest.” [Wow, no kidding! You can really go down quite the ’60s garage rock Wikipedia rabbit hole starting from Cole’s page.]

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