KEXP Q&A: Beat Connection

photo by Morgen Schuler

Seattle’s Beat Connection play a wicked combination of live instruments, electronic beats, synths and samples. The guys who comprise the band met at the University of Washington and have stayed local and loyal to the Pacific Northwest as they grow more and more well-known. We had a chance to catch up with two of the band’s members, Reed Juenger and Tom Eddy, to find out what spirits they’d buy the others, their favorite albums and what’s next.

If you were to buy the other band members a drink what would it be?

Reed Juenger: Shot of well whiskey and a tall can of cheap beer – that, or top shelf champagne delivered via bottle service. Really depends on the occasion.

Tom Eddy: Hamms and slice of pizza. That’s true friendship.

What is your first thought when you walk into your rehearsal space?

RJ: We need to clean this place…

TE: It smells like pot in here…

What was your favorite album in middle school? What is your favorite album right now?

RJ: In middle school, it was a tie between The Beatles’ Revolver and 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Trying. Now it’s a tie between Jai Paul’s Leaked Demo and Todd Terje’s It’s Album Time.

TE: In middle school, I have to say Taj Mahal’s The Natch’l Blues. And now, it’s still Taj Mahal’s The Natch’l Blues!

What’s your favorite story as the band was forming?

RJ: I like that story about David Bowie releasing only weird music for like 5 years (The “Berlin Era”) so that his former manager didn’t get a cut of anything lucrative, and then dropping “Let’s Dance” as soon as his contract was up and getting mega famous. But as for stories about this band, I still remember Tom rolling into the sweltering hot attic we were working and nailing the vocals for “Silver Screen” in one take after hearing them sung once before while blowing some doja and headed to a BBQ. Literally the most nonchalant touch down I have ever seen.

TE: Church. [Editor translation: I strongly agree!]

What do you think of when listening back to your new music?

RJ: Work is never over, and damn are we lucky to really care about this.

TE: Where’s that Beach Boys five-part harmony part I recorded yesterday?! Reed?!

What’s coming up next for Beat Connection?

RJ: Finally getting back to doing shows and debuting some new material that we have been working really hard on for a really long time.

TE: Working on some video stuff we are really excited about, maybe taking a dance class or two, and getting everything set up for the run of shows we have coming up. Going to be a fun summer for sure. See you out there!

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