KEXP Presents: Audioasis Community Partnership & Benefit Show 7/5

For quite a while now, I’ve been booking the KEXP Community Partnership Benefit Shows, but not once has one of the benefits fallen on my birthday. Well, this year I’m lucky enough to have this dream come true. So this Saturday, July 5th, I’m inviting you to come out and celebrate 36 years of my existence with me while enjoying some great music for a great cause.

I also want to mention, that 36 is such a boring age to turn. I looked up 36-years-old in Urban Dictionary (because of course, they know everything) and it says “36-years-old isn’t defined. Can you define it?”. Well, here’s my definition… The age when you realize you’re closer to 40, the over the hump mid-30 age. The age where you think about what you’ve achieved in your life and are you on the right “path” because you’re close to turning 40. Well, the cool thing about KEXP is, age doesn’t matter! It’s about the music, and that’s what this line-up is about. We’re going to dance, sing, and discover some cool local bands while supporting a great charity that also supports local bands. It’s perfect!

So, please enjoy this line-up in support of Washington Lawyers for the Arts who helps arts organizations and independent artists of all disciplines navigate the legal aspects of their art careers!


You may have heard them on KEXP before and if you haven’t, you’re about to experience what I call “insta-love”. This band captures that special ’90s sound that makes you either want to chill by yourself and clean the house, or lose yourself in their guitar jams while watching them in the crowd. Considering that I’ve done both, I’m sure you’ll find your moment. I was pleased to have them play live on Audioasis in support of their album, Soft Opening. Check out the performance here:


This is one of Portland’s secrets! I mean, I’m hoping they’re not a secret, because they’re so rad! Bud Wilson, the lead singer of the band, has such a unique voice, and I guess that’s part of the reason why I’m so into them. Their songs are so fun to listen to, and they give a really big sound! I remember when I first heard them a couple years back and I fell in-love with “Wet and Dripping.” They actually re-recorded the song for their new album, Amor Ad Nauseum, and it sounds even better! This band is cool!

Check out their Bandcamp here. Amor Ad Nauseum is an Audioasis-recommended listen, and even if you don’t like it, I promise you’ve never heard anything like them before. Here’s their live performance on Audioasis:

Peeping Tomboys:

This band is easily one of my favorite local bands. I remember when I first heard “Levelheaded”… insta-love, most definitely! They have a wonderful raw sound with elements of punk that sounds so great wrapped in the lead singer Lara’s voice! I saw this band at a bar in Fremont called The Grizzled Wizard, and it was jam-packed! There was about 40 or 50 people in a half circle right up in front of the band and they sounded so great. You know when you’re like, “I don’t know who the opening band is, let’s go later.” No! I highly recommend getting to The Sunset early for Peeping Tomboys. They will charm your pants off! Keep your pants on though, you might scare everyone at the show.

Check out their performance on Audioasis here, and check out their Bandcamp for a pre-party session.

As you can see, I’m very excited, and here’s a cherry topper! The show will be hosted by DJ Sean who is one of my favorite overnight DJs! If you haven’t listened to his show before, you’re missing out and you need more caffeine in your life. (j/k! Sean is awesome though and you can check him out on the KEXP archives).

So I’m hoping you can join me, Sean, Washington Lawyers for the Arts, and these awesome local bands. We would be honored to party with you.

(Shouts to my work BFF Janice, KEXP’s Programming and Social Media babe for the awesome Jem and the Holograms-inspired poster — one of my favorite cartoons.)

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