Review Revue: Hula – 1000 Hours

Hula - 1000 Hours

It’s been four and a half years since I’ve talked about Sheffield’s Hula, and there’s still not much about them out there on the old world wide internet – except, perhaps, this charming little amateur doc from not long before the release of their double LP 1000 Hours.

Speaking of 1000 Hours, you really do have to shake your head at the band’s habit of giving their albums names that would later be attached to much better-known releases. Actually, it appears REM had dibs on Murmur first, but something tells me it hadn’t penetrated the Sheffield zeitgeist a year later, when Hula released their own Murmur. But they absolutely had dibs on Shadowland before K.D. Lang and 1000 Hours before those snotty Bay Area punk Green Day. Ah well, to the victors go the spoils – and the Wikipedia listings. But, for the record, Hula were a band, and they were, in the immortal words of a certain KCMU DJ, very good.

“These LPs are both very good. In the melodic noise vein. Very good. 1. Live. 2. Studio.”

“Hey Faith, are these albums very good? Just kidding.”

“Geez… er… Jeez… Cris! I think Faith meant to say this album is very, very good. Or very good good. Or…”

“K – Kool!”


“But so what”

“What’s good on this makes up for all the cardboard. Take this in the prod room + listen!”

“Fairly lengthy cuts though.”

“Is it that great? It has moments, the live album is better.”

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