Throwaway Style: Señor Fin Confront Ego and Weed Demons with Jazzy

Senor Fin

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Señor Fin aren’t coy when it comes to what they sound like. Their latest album is called Jazzy and it’s, well, pretty jazzy.  It’s always nice when an album outright tells you what you’re getting into before you even press play. In an era when trying to describe your sound to someone can end up with an Iliad length rant of genre tags, it’s refreshing to see something so blunt yet ambiguous —
almost like shrugging your shoulders and saying, “I dunno, it’s jazzy.” In one word they not only give a pretty apt descriptor of the music but also the breezy, carefree ethos that washes over the album. But this album is far more than a shrug.

When Señor Fin uprooted themselves from Denton, Texas to Seattle, they brought along with them a chunk of their hometown’s own DIY scene. Back in Denton, they sought to bridge the gap between the town’s jazz and rock scenes. It’d be inaccurate to say that they’re the first band to try and fuse these genres, but what Señor Fin does is find a remarkable middle ground between the two that feels natural, casual, and creates a malleable foundation for them to turn into whatever they want. By filling space between these two worlds, the band is able to exercise surrealism and confessional songwriting without throwing off the listener. It’s immediate and accessible on first listen, floating dreamily from track to track. But hidden beneath the layers of guitars, keys, and the soft drum patterns is some heavy introspection.

Opening track “Egoa” could easily fit any summer road trip soundtrack with its lightly strummed acoustic guitars and airy vocals, but the lushness of the mix is counteracted by the self-criticism and internal conflict on ego, refreshing Facebook feeds, and trying to find balance in a world that really isn’t set up for anything like that. “Weed Demon” is pure escapism from mania, taking solace in weed when the pressures of the world are becoming too much. It’s this keen ability to turn the everyday into psychedelic odysseys that really makes Jazzy such a thrilling experience.

Reality can be weird, scary, and mundane — sometimes all at the same time. The way the band exhumes all of this into something so light and charming is a testament to their prowess as musicians and songwriters. Put this record on, sit back, relax, and soak in all of the paranoia and existential crisis your heart desires.

Jazzy is out now via United Workers Party, U.S.A. The band plays their official album release show this Saturday, October 21 at Woodland Theatre.


New and News

Upstream Artist Submissions Opening November 3

Upstream Music Fest + Summit made its debut this past May in Pioneer Square, boasting a lineup stacked with local musicians. If you missed out on last year’s submissions, now is the time to mark your calendars. November 3 the festival will begin to accept entries from artists to play the fest. More details will be coming soon on how to submit, but for now, the fest has provided a handy checklist of things you’ll need to get the process going.

Da Qween Drops BabeSpace Mixtape

If you don’t know Da Qween yet, consider BabeSpace Mixtape your final warning before they completely blow up. On their first mixtape, Da Qween runs the gamut of emotions from ferocious bangers to sultry and emotional ballads. Qween proves themselves to be an exceptional rapper and vocalist across the nine tracks, promising to “encourage all queers to take the unconventional route and be the star the beauty the love they want in this world by giving them the tools to get free through music and performance.” It’s inspirational, exciting, and infused with remarkable depth. Start listening now before they completely takeover.


Brakebill Shares New Track, “Two Weeks”

Brakebill has made a name for himself around town producing beats for rappers like DoNormaal and AJ Suede, helping to define the sound of the city’s latest hip-hop boom. Alongside his work behind the boards, he’s also kept a steady output of solo material. His latest single, “Two Weeks,” showcases once again just how powerful he is with crafting hazy, wondrous beats but also highlights just how great he can be on the mic as well. He raps his confessions in staccato, opening up about drug abuse, and struggling to find fulfillment in life. It’s one of the most gorgeous tracks he’s released so far in his career.


Mo Troper Shares New Single, “Wicked”

Portland songwriter Mo Troper was a fixture in the city’s DIY scene for nearly a decade before he began releasing his own solo material. On the verge of releasing his sophomore record, Exposure & Response,  he’s dropped a new single called “Wicked” that shows just how much he’s gleaned over his time in the City of Roses. The pounding drum rhythms, chugging acoustic guitars, and Troper’s soaring power-pop vocals coalesce into two minutes of nearly impeccable songwriting. It’s one of those timeless feeling songs, rising into a chorus that needs to be shouted along to by crowds of fans. Exposure & Response is out November 17 via Good Cheer Records.


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