Review Revue: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Open Up

Red-Lorry Yellow Lorry - open up

Ah, it’s time for another dip into the “Bands Levi Really Should Have Been Paying Attention to at the Time” file. I can’t tell you how many Red Lorry Yellow Lorry records I flipped past in my teenaged record-store-digging days, and I’m sure I heard them on one of our fine local college radio stations, but for whatever reason, I never took the plunge and bought a record. It’s too bad because at least on paper, they sound right up my alley. “Icy, droning post-punk, replete with sludgy, murky guitars and mumbled Ian Curtis-style vocals,” says Allmusic. “Numbing guitar drone, powerfully throbbing bass, pounding drum machine,” says Wikipedia. I’m sold.

It seems the KCMU lot were mostly sold as well; the most contentious debate on this cover seems to be about how low or high one should pot the record due to the volume at which it was mastered (hint: it was loud). I’m unclear on whether RLYL is still a going concern in any form, but there is a Facebook page, and a scroll down on it reveals that in 2015 they made 50 copies of a CD with some new music on it for a show. Now that’s my kinda band.

“Will these guys make up their minds on a name!! Rocks as hard as you’d expect. Sounds pretty good, eh. How about a full-length LP!”

“‘Open Up’ I’ll take.”

“But pot low. This is really good.”

“Don’t you tell me how to pot things! Right, TGOTR?” [not sure what that’s a reference to]

“Trust me on this, Marsh.”

“What the hell you talkin’ bout, Goosh ol’ boy?”

“Levels a wee high . . .”

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