Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

California’s three piece started in the late nineties, and are best known for their old-fashioned style that assembles rock and roll, psychedelic and grunge. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club‘s current line up Peter Hayes, Robert Levon along with new member Leah Shapiro released their sixth full length album after twelve years in the scene, titled Beat the Devil’s Tattoo.

The band was formed in 1998 taking the name from a motorcycle gang that featured in the movie “The Wild One”. Peter Hayes and Robert Been met in highschool, and started ever since to make music. Later on, they met Nick Jaggo, who dropped almost a decade later to pursue a solo career. California’s based band continued since 2008 with Leah Shapiro.

BRMC’s self-titled debut album was released in 2009, and even when it received very good reviews, the record was compared to other bands who emerged at the beginning of last decade, categorizing them as “New Rock”. The three piece went suddenly into a search for another style, leading from a more traditional rock to an assemblance of post-punk revival, rock & roll, indie, garage and psychedelic rock. Likewise, while the band kept the “I’m-rebel” fashion with the use of leather jackets and tight pants, the second album Take Them On, On Your Own, the band focused their lyrics in political subjects to remark a disappointment towards the goverment.

For their most recent material, Beat the Devil’s Tattoo, Black Rebel Motorcycle decuded to experiment with more genresm adding up to blues, folk and gospel that shows a strong influence from Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Ramones, The Doors, Sex Pistos, Velvet Underground and Jesus & Mary Chain.

Presenting a variety of genres that included alternative, folk and punk, the band performed a live broadcast for KEXP at the 2010 edition of  South by Southwest Music Festival. The Gibson studios were packed by the fans of BRMC, and celebrated by the rhythms of “666 Conducter“, “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo“, “Mercy“, “Rifles“, “River Styx” and “The Toll“.

Listen to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s (live from SXSW) podcast

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