Martin Guevara, Coni Duchess and Ignacio Villarejo bring the indie and garage rock style from Argentina. Inspired by the sound of the 60’s, Capsula emerges with a mixture of new wave, electronic and psychedelic that adds up to a revival post-punk and alternative mode that defines the hard strings and power of this band to perform on stage.

The band emerged in 1997 with a big aspiration to play rock, although with a tendency to assemble hard streaming that sounds like psychedelic rock, electronic pop and punk. Categorized since their beginnings as an indie band, Capsula released the first record in 1999, Sublime, which rocked the scene with “Laberintos” and “Pizarnik”.

The three piece has evolved its style through the years, showing a very different style in every studio album the band has released. Their 10th material, Rising Mountains, it’s more experimental in comparison to the past records, putting up to the electronic beat in a more prominent way.\

KEXP Song of the Day podcast post for “Found and Lost”

Capasula’s live broadcasting from SXSW was with no doubt one of a kind, as the band jammed a raw of energy while playing “All To Be With You“, “Kicking It Out“, Magnetic Brain“, “Still in the Way“, “Sun Shaking/Girl Whip Up the Sound” and “Voices Underground“.

Listen to Capsula’s (live performance from SXSW) podcast

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