Choc Quib Town

While reggaeton, a genre that emerged from Spanish reggae and hip hop in the 1990’s, has gained lots of popularity within the last decade, and has also become the favorite dance beat of many parties and dance floors, Choc Quib Town appears to keep the style along with the tradition of Latin America, adding up to cumbias, salsa rap and funk. This colombian band with no doubt know how to make everyone dance in their spots, compiling a style typical from their country of origin, and a particular mixture of regional sounds that has given them a trademark as one of the most popular latin hip hop bands. Oro, Choc Quib Town’s fifth album, was released in 2009, receiving good reception world wide, as the band has now set a tour around the five continents.

The eccentric nine piece, who just emerged in 2006, is already considered the most popular hip-hop group in Colombia. Their experimental style to combine genres placed them ever since in the musical scene, as the band assembled distinctive caribean rythms that were representative of their country. Choc Quib Town can be described as an expression and story-telling of their culture through the mixture or reggae, funk, cumbia, bunde and salsa.

Choc Quib Town was part of the 2010 edition of SXSW and KEXP‘s live broadcasting, presenting a one of a kind act with their sudden mixture of rythms that made everyone dance, and keep up with the traditional and experimental Latin beat. The band performed “De Donde Vengo Yo“, “El Bombo“, “La Calle o La Casa“, “Pescano Venenosa” and “Somos PacĂ­fico“.

Listen to Choc Quib Town’s (live @ SXSW) podcast.

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