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Why Music Matters: Music therapist, Barbara Dunn - Music Saved Her Life

Barbara Dunn admits she’s a “cheerleader for the power of music.” It’s impossible not to be. Every day she sees how music can elevate and heal patients suffering from severe pain and grim diagnoses, during her work as the head of music therapy at Whidbey General Hospital and in Seattle. Barbara Dunn shares a storyRead more...

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Why Music Matters: Anonymous Retail DJ ‒ My Music Makes You Buy More Jeans

KEXP recorded the exclusive confessions of a Retail DJ. Here’s the low-down. She can’t tell you her name. She can’t tell you where she works. What she can tell you is this: she will infect you with music. Her tunes will make you buy those jeans. Even if they’re too expensive. Listen to her confessionRead more...

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Why Music Matters: Jessica, Luke and Pela Ivey - Music Brought Us Together

Pela is a pretty name. And little baby Pela, with her wispy blond hair and beguiling smile, is a pretty baby. Her parents are music lovers Jessica and Luke Ivey. But they’re not your usual indie rock fans. In fact, they share a story about how the band Pela helped save their marriage. Listen now:Read more...

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Why Music Matters: Astronaut Dr. Stan Love’s Playlist for Space Travel

Astronaut Stan Love is out of this world. He’s got it covered from space walks, to robot arm operations, to making sure the heat shield is just right for re-entry. In this segment of Why Music Matters, Dr. Love shares a story about music and space travel. Far out! Listen now: [Audio clip: view fullRead more...

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