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KEXP Presents: Damon Krukowski and The New Analog 4/20

You needn’t be an audiophile snob to conclude that today’s MP3 downloads, or their streaming counterparts, sound worse than 1965’s LPs – MP3s are designed to sound worse. It’s a crucial part of what enables them to be so portable, cheap (if not free), and ubiquitous. If you are dancing while wearing earbuds, like inRead more…

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Slide to Unlock: UW Profiles DJ Ken Frye

When Ken Frye worked with us as KEXP’s Traffic Log Reviewer for several years, anyone could see that he always had lots of love and enthusiasm for radio, specifically KEXP. I am happy to see new technology being created to help Ken and others realize their dreams of becoming on-air radio hosts. It was aRead more…

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Father John Misty Premieres Pure Comedy on The Midday Show with Cheryl Waters

Tomorrow, April 7th, acclaimed singer/songwriter Father John Misty will premiere his new album, Pure Comedy, (Sub Pop) on The Midday Show with Cheryl Waters. During the show, KEXP will also air an exclusive conversation between the artist and Waters. Between noon and 2PM PST, listeners will get a glimpse into Father John Misty’s creative processRead more…

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2017 Spring Fundraising Drive: Spotlight on Chad Syme

Chad Syme has been powering KEXP for over a decade now. The Idaho-born, Queen Anne-dwelling graphic designer has contributed many of the station’s iconic t-shirt designs including the popular Troop 90.3 kids design from 2014. This year he designed our Spring Fundraiser t-shirt. The focus is on community and his artwork reflects that idea. “AtRead more…

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KEXP 2017 Spring Drive: Community Member Spotlight

From North American acts like Grimes and Cherry Glazerr to Slovenian band Haiku Garden and Tinariwen from Mali, the sounds you hear on KEXP are as vibrant and unique as our listeners. The passionate music lovers who power KEXP play an essential role in making it the place where the music matters. Each volunteer, donor,Read more…

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2017 Spring Fundraising Drive: The KEXP “Communi-tee” Has Heart

We are proud to unveil the “Communi-tee,” our latest KEXP T-shirt. Chad Syme is the artist behind the new design, which is available exclusively when you support KEXP during the Spring Drive. Donate $100 or more today to power diverse programming on KEXP, and you can choose the exclusive “Communi-tee” as your thank-you gift. ChadRead more…

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