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Oh, Messy Life: Chilladelphia and The Holy Mountain

by Ben Funkhouser Friday. Long day. So long. My band recorded in our friend’s basement literally six hours for like four tracks. We were grumpy and exhausted by the end of the day, but we decided to go to a show at Chilladelphia, which is home to some of the nicest people in the city,Read more…

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Oh, Messy Life: Deerhunter, Times New Viking & Past Lives @ Neumo’s 11/21

written by Ben Funkhouser photos by Jake Goltiani So yeah, Deerhunter, right, supposedly a good band, from Georgia. I had actually never heard this band before that night. I was pretty much there to see Times New Viking, an Ohio band who bridge noise and pop music together in a loud mess. Past Lives, whoRead more…

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Oh, Messy Life: Your Weekly All-Ages Review of Healthy Times Fun Club & Of Montreal

review by Ben Funkhouser photos by Chona Kasinger Saturday is a rad night for events. No school that day, and none the next. Last Saturday, the night was mine. I headed down to Healthy Times Fun Club with my friends for what was soon to be an excellent night of music, but not so excellentRead more…

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Oh, Messy Life: Your Weekly All-Ages Review

by Ben Funkhouser After my band played a house show in Redmond, we headed to the Holy Mountain to see Past Lives. By the luck of timing, we arrived just before the first band, The Last Slice of Butter, played. They thrashed out a 20ish minute set of bass and drum noisy punk, with drummerRead more…

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All-Ages Review: Gowns, Abe Vigoda, Healthy Times Fun Club, and more

by Ben Funkhouser Thursday night is not usually a happenin’ time for me, but October 30th was an exception. Brooklyn’s Parts & Labor and Gowns from California are on tour and played an all ages show at the Vera Project. I left my house around 7:50PM with my good buddy Jake, hoping to catch theRead more…

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Album Review: Tyler Ramsey’s A Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea

by Ben Guerechit A lanky bearded fellow from North Carolina has begun to make a name for himself on the touring circuit. That name is Tyler Ramsey. Riding shotgun along the Band of Horses North American, and currently European, tour trail, Ramsey has brought along the soft, warming touch of instrumentalism he demonstrates on hisRead more…

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Kindie Rock? Medeski, Martin & Wood (and others) take your kids everywhere

by Ben Guerechit A few weeks back, I stumbled upon a surprising album that eventually led to a fairly new and emerging territory in music. Like Alice and the rabbit hole, I found myself falling deeper and deeper into the world of what some are calling “kindie” rock. The most recent release from jazz/funk trioRead more…

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It’s Theme Time Again: Your Weekly News Roundup

by Ben Guerechit About a month back, we found it appropriate to put together the music news roundup in a themed form. This week’s headlines seem to beg the same fate. With that, let’s cut to the chase and get down to it. LOCAL NEWS Beginning with the local news that seemed to weigh heaviestRead more…

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Weekly news roundup: It’s about that time…

photo by yorkd Welcome to Tuesday, ya’ll. It’s roundup time again. Peel your eyes away from the New Hampshire Primary and sit back for some catch up on all the best music news brought to you by your most favorite radio station, KEXP. The biggest news item circling the web in the last few daysRead more…

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Album Review: Orgone’s Energy on The Killion Floor

review by Ben Guerechit There was a mythical science discovered in the 1930’s by a man named Wilhelm Reich and later embraced by everyone from drugged up Beat writer William S. Burroughs and Washington’s own grunge son Kurt Cobain to 80’s art-rock songstress Kate Bush in her tribute to the science and a machine thatRead more…

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