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Songs For Eating and Drinking

by Cheryl Waters What do you get when you bring together an incredibly talented and passionate group of musicians (and their instruments) and a few of their friends with great food and lots of wine in a dramatic setting on a spectacular evening? Songs for Eating and Drinking, of course. Songs for Eating and DrinkingRead more…

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Yule Benefit & JITM New Year’s Bender

Photo courtesy of Juno The Pledge Drive was an enormous success. And, lots of fun. Thank you so much for hanging out with us last week and, especially, for your continued support. Some exciting news. This week, we’re putting tickets on sale for 2 exciting KEXP Benefit Shows in December. The Yule Benefit on Dec.Read more…

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Chicago absolutely rocked!

With Cracker, listen to their live performance from Aug. 22 now. What’s with all the rain in Seattle today? It’s POURING out there! Cats and dogs I tell you. I think I have to finally admit that summer is gone. It’s time to put my feet back in jail (Oh sandals and flip flops, howRead more…

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Even the SWAT team showed up!

I had the craziest morning yesterday….I was having trouble falling asleep Monday night. I went to bed around 1 or 2am and I’m tossing and turning in bed and just about to fall asleep at 3am when all this commotion starts right in front of my house. About five huge fire trucks come blaring up,Read more…

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Screaming at the top of my lungs!

Sonic Smith of Thee Emergency, KEXP Yule Benefit Photo courtesy of Greg Perez I’m going on vacation the first half of next week. John’s taking me to his lake cabin in Idaho. You’d think he’d get enough of me here in Seattle. So, last night I saw the rockin’-est show in the UNIVERSE. Thee EmergencyRead more…

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They knocked my socks off!

Cheryl with Mike Johnson and the Evildoers, KEXP – 5/25/06 Mike Johnson and the Evildoers knocked my socks off in-studio yesterday. Their sounds was so dense, textural and gritty. I loved it! And, it’s no wonder they sounded so amazing. Not only is Mike Johnson an outstanding songwriter but it was like having a supergroupRead more…

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That’s all she wrote!

Elvis Perkins at Gigantic Studios, KEXP – 5/19/06 Photo Courtesy of Doron Gild It’s hard to believe our week in NYC has come to an end. Twenty-one bands in five days. Whew. There was not a bad apple in the bunch! They all rocked so hard. It was an incredibly successful trip. We met soRead more…

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Is this a week day?

With French Kicks at Gigantic Studios, NYC – 5/17/06 Photo Courtesy of Doron Gild We’ve had so many bands live on KEXP this week, I’m not even sure what day it is. I think we’re on day four. I know that Dylan in the Movies just warmed up. So, that must mean it’s Thursday. BudosRead more…

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That’s it… I’m hitting the road!

With Favourite Sons at Gigantic Studios, NYC – 5/16/06 Photo Courtesy of Doron Gild There is so much from today I could write about! Up The Empire, The GoStation, and Favourite Sons were all awesome. I’m not sure we can keep up the intensity of the in-studio performances without losing our minds. The GoStation atRead more…

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A few thoughts as we wind down…

With the Diggs at Gigantic Studios, NYC – 5/15/06 Photo Courtesy of Doron Gild John and Kevin Suggs (the KEXP studio engineer in NYC with us) and I are all sitting here wrapping up for the day and talking about how beat we are. It’s so intense and non-stop all day long with one bandRead more…

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