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Live with Kevin: As the year and Volume 3 come to a close

Kevin Cole and Lisa Shimizuphoto by Gregory A. Perez Another year in my Life With Kevin has come to a close. Kevin’s on vacation right now, so it’s pretty quiet in our office. I spent some time last week helping deliver Live at KEXP Volume 3 to some of the local retailers who sell itRead more…

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Live at KEXP Volume 3: Space Penguins!

What says “Live at KEXP” better than space penguins? We couldn’t think of anything either, which is why there are five gorgeous penguins gracing the cover of Live at KEXP Volume 3. The cover artwork is one of four in a series called Lost by Los Angeles artist Oksana Badrak. We saw her work earlierRead more…

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Live at KEXP Volume Three: Cloud Cult – Mr Tambourine Man

photos by William Anthony Live at KEXP Volume 3 is only available through the end of the year. We are absolutely thrilled that our compilation of live in-studio performances includes track #8 – Cloud Cult‘s cover of Bob Dylan’s classic song “Mr. Tambourine Man.” Here’s what John said about their live instudio performance recorded inRead more…

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Life With Kevin – Move With Your Lover!

Kevin and Lisa are Ghostland Observatoryphoto by Ron Henry I thought it would be cool for Kevin and I to dress up for Halloween in one of those couples’ costumes – my idea was Sonny and Cher, Kevin being Cher, of course. Last week I said to him, “dude, we have to figure out HalloweenRead more…

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Life with Kevin: Live at KEXP Volume Three, Part 1

One of the major projects that Kevin and I work on during the year is the Live at KEXP CD series. Listeners have often asked about the making of Live at KEXP: How do we pick the songs? Where does the artwork come from? Does anyone ever say no? I thought I would devote aRead more…

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KEXP Auction: Kevin’s Hair

photo by Scott Steinbrig [NOTE: THIS AUCTION IS OVER] Life with Kevin: Kevin’s Hair By Lisa Shimizu For as much time as I spend with Kevin, I’ve never really gotten to know his Hair. Currently at $513, Kevin’s Hair is one of the most thrilling auctions going on here at KEXP. On Sunday I tookRead more…

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Life with Kevin… Live at KEXP

Kevin & Lisa at the Live at KEXP Volume Three Listening PartyExperience Music Project, July 10 2007photo by Gregory A. Perez Welcome to the eighth (or is it ninth?) installment of Life With Kevin! Over the past year I’ve made fun of Kevin just about every way I can think of – his car, hisRead more…

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KEXP Presents An Inconvenient Truth Slide Show Pressentation for Children, this Saturday!

Hey KEXP Families! What are you doing this Saturday? I’ll be at Town Hall giving a version of Al Gore’s slide show from An Inconvenient Truth, modified especially for families with kids ages 8 and up. When I was on the way home from my training with Mr. Gore last January, I thought aboutRead more…

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Life With Kevin… On the Road

Welcome back to Life With Kevin! It’s been awhile since I’ve written an installment of Life With Kevin. I’ve covered many of the interesting elements of Life With Kevin: tea, tea bongs, CDs, the basement, bagels, and kombucha. I thought there wasn’t anything left until… I moved Kevin’s car. If you’ve ever tried to parkRead more…

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How many KEXP staffers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Just one. I managed to do it last week during the Damien Jurado in-studio. The girls’ bathroom (which often has guys walking out of it, but I won’t mention any names Don Slack) was the home of three old fashioned regular light bulbs that were always burning out. We’d often walk into a dim bathroomRead more…

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