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The entire Arctic ice cap could disappear by 2040.

With Al Gore at the Climate Project Seminar – January 2007 Last summer, Kevin Cole had a terrific idea: do a focused public service campaign on a specific subject – global warming. Guess who he put in charge of it? Frankly, I didn’t know a lot about the subject, but I was excited about theRead more…

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KEXP’s Year in Review: Lisa Shimizu, Programming – The View from the Other Side of the Booth I’m Lisa, programming assistant and author of Life With Kevin (currently on hiatus while I wait for Kevin to do something interesting). Here’s a few things that I really dug this year: Neko Case – Fox Confessor Brings the Flood Neko Case could sing the phone book and I’d be spellbound. This album grewRead more…

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Gname the Gnome winners!

Live at KEXP Volume 2 is on sale today! The music on the CD is amazing, but we’re also gonzo for the artwork, particularly the gnome. How many CDs have a gnome on the cover? Not many. We decided that our gnome needs a name, and asked listeners for their suggestions at last weekend’s KEXPRead more…

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Life with Kevin… 1-2 pm.

Kevin is usually in meetings from the time he arrives at the station until 1:00. The hour between 1:00 and 2:00 is the time that Kevin has lunch and preps for his show that day. Most days are really busy and somewhere around 1:10 he yells out “Holy shit! Look what time it is!” ThisRead more…

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Speaking of mix tapes…

The KEXP Volunteer Party was the brainstorm and creation of KEXP’s Uber-DJ/Staffer Rachel Ratner. One of Rachel’s kick ass ideas was to do a mix tape (or CD) swap. The idea was to bring a mix tape of music, drop it in the box on your way in, and pick one up at swap time.Read more…

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Life with Kevin – KOMBUCHA!!!

The kombucha!!!!!!! As you may have figured out Kevin is a super healthy guy. Healthy people sometimes tend to have strange tastes and habits in their quest to maintain good health. Kevin is no exception. One of the many things that Kevin does to stay healthy is drink something called kombucha. According to Wikipedia, kombuchaRead more…

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Geeking out… Hard!

Waiting to be autographed… When we heard that Robin Guthrie was confirmed for an in-studio performance today we all geeked out about it. Kevin, Janice the Uber-Intern, and I all showed up this morning armed with Cocteau Twins paraphernalia from our basements to have Mr. Guthrie sign when he is here this afternoon. Janice andRead more…

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What the %$#& are they talking about?

The “Tea Bong” in all its glory! You’ve heard John, Cheryl, Kevin and Jo referring to a “Tea Bong” on air and may be wondering what the hell they’re talking about. The Tea Bong is the name given (reportedly by KEXP Membership Manager Theo) to Kevin Cole’s Teavana Perfect Tea Maker. Read about the TeaRead more…

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Life with Kevin… The Bagel

Seeded Bagel = Happy Kevin Kevin snacks throughout the day to keep his blood sugar up. His favorite snack is the bagel. He regularly comes in with a small paper bag filled with four bagels. The bagels are made by Zatz in West Seattle but Kevin picks them up at the Metropolitan Market. Kevin’s favorite,Read more…

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Life with Kevin… The Basement

Yes, this is in fact deodorant… You may have heard Kevin talk about his basement. Those of who work with him every day are at least familiar with The Basement. It’s like the third member of the household. He talks about his basement the way we talk about our pets or our children. He trulyRead more…

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