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Audioasis Interview: Levi Fuller

photo by Ron Henry By Rachel L Levi Fuller. Perhaps you’ve heard of the name, or he’s a complete stranger. But in some way or another, if you’re part of the Seattle music scene, you’ve probably been touched by Levi’s presence. DJ at Hollow Earth Radio, intern for KEXP (and regular KEXP Blog contributor), booker,Read more…

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Up and Coming on Audioasis 2/16

This week’s Audioasis feature of local music, hosted by Hannah Levin, will feature some of the most hilarious hip-hop and powerful rock the Northwest has to offer. photo by Gregory A. Perez Get ready for some hilarious insight on lesbian life from the hip-hop duo Team Gina, up first at 6pm. The girls aren’t afraidRead more…

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Audioasis Album Review: Beast, Please Be Still (Self-titled)

review by Rachel LeBlanc A mountain glacier, slowly moving as not quite detectable by the humaneye, yet still making progress. As it slides across the terrain, water starts to trickle off, creating a steady stream. This tiny momentum builds, gaining on itself and growing larger and steadier, more powerful. Soon a river is formed, andRead more…

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Audioasis album review: KRGA – Magic Wand/June

by Rachel LeBlanc In the future, when we live in space stations, leading simpler lives with a higher level of consciousness, I imagine the music produced will be much like the music already created by Seattle’s KRGA. The songs contained on these two albums, Magic Wand and June, are highly ethereal, droning vibrations layered uponRead more…

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Up & Coming on Audioasis 1/19

Audioasis 1/12/08 photos by Hilary Harris A big thank you goes out to our recent guests for last Saturday’s show, The Tripwires and Schoolyard Heroes. If you aren’t in Seattle, catch Schoolyard Heroes in a city near you as they tour the country in the next few months. photo from MySpace This week’s show startsRead more…

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Audioasis CD Review: No-Fi Soul Rebellion – Terrible Muscles

by Rachel LeBlanc Take a moment to reminisce about those awkward teenage days where you still had a youthful innocence but enough adult knowledge to make your friends blush. Pop in No-Fi Soul Rebellion‘s Terrible Muscles for a bit of help. The pubescent years will come flashing back with the playful lyrics about partying, havingRead more…

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Audioasis: A peek at 2008! Local releases and tours

Beast, Please Be Still [source] by Rachel LeBlanc Ever expanding, the local music scene is growing richer every day, as bands step out of the woodwork of basements and dive bars, into the Northwest spotlight. Last year saw the rise of Tiny Vipers, Dyme Def, Arthur & Yu, Cancer Rising, PWRFL Power, the Cave Singers,Read more…

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Audioasis Interview: Last Slice of Butter

Interview by Rachel LeBlanc Distance makes the heart grow fonder — or at least your music stronger, as the Seattle duo The Last Slice of Butter have learned. Although the two thrash punks spend stretches of time apart for school (they’re now freshly separated until April as you read this), they’ve still discovered how toRead more…

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R.I.P. The Crocodile Café

photo by Chris Brown If you even remotely pay attention to the Seattle music scene, you could not avoid hearing the untimely and abrupt closure of one of the most beloved venues here in town, the Crocodile Cafe. The music blogs have been swamped with outraged fans and everyone throwing in their two cents, andRead more…

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Audioasis Interview: PWRFL Power

interview by Rachel LeBlanc Kazutaka Nomura. It just seems we can’t get enough of him around here on Audioasis. His one-man act chock full of witty jokes and puns cracks us up to no end. And really, in perspective, he’s one of the busiest musicians in town: winning the E-surance Capitol Hill Block Party’s BlockRead more…

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