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Weekend Headlines 11/5: More than music

Like many others, we had speculated that Trent Reznor might do something bold following his move away from his former major label, which happened to occur right after Radiohead’s online experiment with In Rainbows. Although he’s not yet doing anything with his own music, the Nine Inch Nails frontman has produced Saul Williams‘ latest album,Read more…

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Weekend Headlines 10/29

The music sharing site Oink was roasted last week As the music industry continues its ongoing identity crisis, many bands are striking out on their own to find new ways to reach fans and still make a living at it. While online music sharing sites like Oink are besieged, musicians are breaking free of theRead more…

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The Week’s Headlines: The Sky Has Fallen

A look at the music news over the past week shows that not only has the sky already fallen for the music industry but now we’re all just staring at the ground, trying to figure out what to do with all of the pieces. Where there was once a firmament over our heads — theRead more…

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Radiohead’s In Rainbows in your in-box!

Get your copy yet? No? Then whaddayou looking here for? Go check your email! Whether you paid nothing or the $81 for the discbox, at 11:30 pm PST, and all equivalent times around the globe, your in-box lit up, chimed, or just smiled with the arrival of Radiohead’s seventh release, In Rainbows. While it’s certainlyRead more…

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Weekend Headlines: Arcade Fire, Radiohead & Reverb Taking a cue from Radiohead’s hieroglyphic shenanigans, or just timed to appear that way, Arcade Fire played it its own mystery game by posting warnings to fans last week on their NeonBible website to “be oNline B” on “October 6th” which led to the link And, sure enough, on Saturday, the site revealedRead more…

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Weekend Headlines: Radiohead’s new album & more

A “nice cup of tea” to celebrate the new Radiohead album!photo from Dead Air Space Okay, there was some recent music news of importance recently — Phil Spektor released upon public temporarily, George Michael struggles with pot dependency, and Madonna and Beastie Boys nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but this weekend cameRead more…

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The Week’s Headlines: White Stripes, Radiohead and E.T.

The week began full of rumor and speculation. As White Stripes fans dealt with the cancellation of the bi-chromatic band’s recent tour, attributed by their website to Meg White‘s “acute anxiety,” a particularly nasty rumor arose of an alleged sex tape of her and a mystery man. That of course spawned lots of jokes aboutRead more…

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Weekend Headlines: ACL Fest Videos!

photo by Spencer Blake The big music news over the weekend, if you can take a break from reading about Britney Spears, Madonna, and Amy Winehouse, is the Austin City Limits Festival. If you weren’t able to go, or pulled a White Stripes and backed out of your plans to go, you can read aboutRead more…

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Today in Music: Wednesday Headlines

LCD photo by Neil365 & Arcade Fire photo by Gregory A. Perez In today’s headlines: Arcade Fire + LCD = yes, M.I.A.=no Let’s hope it’s not a rumor ’cause your dream bill may be coming your way — it’s being reported all over the blogosphere that Arcade Fire will be teaming up with LCD SoundsystemRead more…

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Today in Music: Tuesday Headlines

The week began for us Northwesters with some great news — Sufjan Stevens would focus on our southern neighbors, the pioneer friendly state of Oregon, for his next album — but unfortunately, that turned out to be a hoax. Gorilla Vs. Bear spotted the “exclusive” news on Soof’s Pure Volume page, and wisely warned thatRead more…

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