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Live Review: Hinds with Chastity Belt & Cotillon at Sunset Tavern 3/27/16

Madrid indie rock quartet Hinds made their full length debut on Mom + Pop at the turn of the new year with a fantastic album called Leave Me Alone. But, after seeing them live, it’s hard not to interpret the title as being somewhat ironic, because there are few bands around that are as funRead more…

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Live Review: Porches with Alex G at Vera Project 3/25/16

Domino don’t have many missteps in their record of signees. Three years into their third decade, their roster only continues to shine more impressively with time. All of that rings especially true for the label’s more recent American indie rock signings, of which tonight’s sold out Vera Project spectacle showcased three. Your Friend, Alex G,Read more…

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Live Review: The Smashing Pumpkins with Liz Phair at Paramount Theatre 3/23/16

Billy Corgan is a man of extreme dichotomy. It’s this gleefully dynamic binary that has made him one of the most interesting artists of the last three decades. And really, you don’t have to go back that far into the throws of The Smashing Pumpkins history to get there. Take just the last couple yearsRead more…

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Live Review: Greg Dulli with Derrick Brown at The Triple Door 3/21/16

By the end of Greg Dulli’s second set of the night at The Triple Door, there were an atypically low number of dead bodies that had sung about by the Cincinnati songwriter. But while the fictional body count remained low, there were a few overeager audience members that might have pushed up the number ofRead more…

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Live Review: Daughter with Wilsen at Showbox at the Market 3/19/16

Sold out and packed to maximum capacity, the Showbox at the Market was emanating excitement as the crowd eagerly awaited the London band Daughter to take stage on March 19. Show opener Wilsen took the stage and mesmerized a sea of anxiety ridden twenty-somethings to the point of hypnotism. It’s hard enough for a supportingRead more…

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Live Review: Junior Boys with Jessy Lanza & Borys at Neptune Theatre 3/11/16

“Everybody wants to be in a big black coat”, Jeremy Greenspan sings on the title track from new Junior Boys LP, Big Black Coat (read our review, “everybody wants to have your style”. Truly, few electronic bands have style like this Ontario duo. While Greenspan sings softly, Matt Didemus stands in his electronic threshold, makingRead more…

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Live Review: José González with yMusic at Moore Theatre 3/6/16

A quick glance at the stage set up for Sunday evening’s show might’ve tipped one off as to the type of music they’d hear for the night. With no drums, no amps, and mostly classical instruments surrounding chairs and music stands neatly arranged in a semi circle across the stage, a rock show was clearlyRead more…

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Live Review: Vince Staples at Neptune Theatre 3/2/16

While he may not have enjoyed the widespread attention that Kendrick Lamar received last year for his fantastic To Pimp A Butterfly, rising Oakland rapper Vince Staples deserves just as much credit for pushing the culture in new directions with his own 2015 LP, Summertime ’06. Staples’ first full-length outing was a double album conceptRead more…

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Live Review: Animal Collective with Ratking at Neptune Theatre 3/4/16

The deeper we get into Animal Collective‘s Painting With chapter, the more it feels like a real renaissance for the band. As the band themselves described it, the process for the new record felt natural and fun – a far cry for the laborious process it took to put forth Centipede Hz. Spending time inRead more…

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Live Review: American Football with David Bazan at Neptune Theatre 2/26/16

Halfway through the American Football show at Neptune Theatre, the band is tuning up guitars and getting ready to launch into another number, and there’s a small, singular moment of silence. Then, from somewhere in the throng of voices, someone yells out, “I still can’t believe this is even happening!”. The crowd laughs, as doesRead more…

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