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17 Women, 17 Voices: An Interview with Reykjavíkurdætur

Icelandic hip hop collective Reykjavíkurdætur (“Daughters of Reykjavik”) are a force to be reckoned with. A huge group of seventeen women, they work together to create songs about topics ranging from sexual politics to political ones. During KEXP’s broadcast at Iceland Airwaves last year, they played to a packed house at Kex Hostel in Reykjavik. BeforeRead more…

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Live Video: Sóley at Iceland Airwaves

KEXP can never get enough of Sóley. The charming Icelandic songstress has a knack for covering a deep emotional range and some occasionally morbid subjects in the most disarming and endearing way. In fact, we’ve recorded her six out of the past seven years we’ve been covering Iceland Airwaves, and she never fails to meltRead more…

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Live Video: Oscar

The sheer volume of great pop music coming out of the UK can be overwhelming, and that’s only what makes it Stateside. Imagine actually living there, surrounded on all sides by unending legacy and talent. That’s exactly the type of pressure cooker from which London based pop artist Oscar has emerged. Now he’s traveling the world,Read more…

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Live Video: Luna

When frontman Dean Wareham sings, “don’t know why I can’t stop smiling,” he echoes the thoughts of thousands of Luna fans grateful to have the band back together after a decade apart. The beloved New York (well, now L.A.) band called it quits in 2004, but with Captured Tracks reissuing their first five albums onRead more…

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Live Video: Dungen

For the past 15 years, Dungen has been creating a unique blend of expansive psychedelic jazz prog rock that has made them an important and influential band not only in their native Sweden but around the world. With their latest album, Allas Sak, frontman Gustav Ejstes took a more concerted effort towards refinement by spending theRead more…

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Live Video: GusGus at Iceland Airwaves

Few bands are more iconic in Iceland than GusGus. Starting some 20 years ago, more arts collective than musical act, GusGus broke from their cinematographic origins and through to mainland Europe and the world in the mid 90’s with their eclectic electronica assembly of techno, deep house, dance-pop, trip-hop, R&B and other influences, on which,Read more…

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Live Video: The Courtneys

If you’ve wondered what might happen if you combined the sound and spirit of Bikini Kill or Pavement with the politics (as in none) and slacker mentality of Best Coast or Mac DeMarco then wonder no more, because Vancouver B.C.’s The Courtneys have made this a reality. They make fuzzy slacker rock with 90s evocationsRead more…

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Live Video: Lemolo

Seattle’s Lemolo specializes in the kind of dark, introspective, and haunting music that fit so well in the old live performance space at KEXP’s Dexter studio (and will surely fit in the new one as well!), which is perhaps one reason we keep asking them back. Ahead of the release of their 2015 album, Red RightRead more…

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Live Video: Vök at Iceland Airwaves

KEXP has been incredibly fortunate to return to Iceland these past six years, not only to discover new artists to share with our listeners, but also to witness the astounding growth of bands like Vök. When we first heard them in 2013, Vök had recently formed, starting as a duo and winning Músíktilraunir (Iceland’s battleRead more…

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El Sonido: Terror Amor, Buyepongo, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Frikstailers

This week in El Sonido we’ve got some rock and roll and some electronic styles to share – taking us from Spain to Puerto Rico, Los Angeles to planet Klajnak. Kicking it off is AJ Dávila y Terror Amor with an exclusive live KEXP performance that they recorded in October of 2014. There’s drinking, there’sRead more…

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