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Live Video: M. Ward

Just about the last thing we’d ever ask for in Seattle is “more rain” – unless of course that’s the name of the latest album by M. Ward. On his eight studio LP, the Portland based musician doesn’t let the Pacific Northwest’s soggy gloom get him down, and dares the clouds away with his initiallyRead more…

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Live Video: Battleme

Portland band Battleme are lovers not fighters. Frontman Matt Drenik may have fueled his project’s perpetually punchy new LP with hard-hitting beats and muscular rhythms, but Habitual Love Songs is Battleme’s billet-doux to ’70s-steeped power-pop and glam guitar rock, populated with characters from Drenik’s past. For his third time live on KEXP, Matt brings hisRead more…

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Live Video: Marlon Williams

New Zealand singer-songwriter Marlon Williams brought his band and their foot-pounding vintage folk to the KEXP studios in support of his first solo record. Longtime the front-man of The Unfaithful Ways, Williams relocated to Melbourne to record and release his eponymous solo album. The rocksteady, plunky bass and the acoustic strums are familiar, while theRead more…

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Live Video: Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Musical lore has it that Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the iconic South African mbube group, was founded by Joseph Shabalala after having a series of dreams in which he heard their sounds. It goes unmentioned whether or not Joseph dreamt of 50 years of worldwide success as perhaps the most well-known cultural export of South Africa.Read more…

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Immigrant Songs: Elia

Elia is the most recent project of Seattle-based singer, musician and producer Ignacio Izquierdo. The name comes from Elia Liut, an Italian aviator, who was the first person to fly over Ecuadorian territory. This reflects both Ignacio’s home city of Quito and his life of movement. A son of a diplomat, he found himself livingRead more…

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Live Video: HÆLOS

Though there weren’t divine circumstances by which HÆLOS formed, the London trio nevertheless seems preordained to make a heavenly sound. While each pursuing careers of their own, Arthur Delaney, Dom Goldsmith and Lotti Benardout turned their casual connections to holy writ as they joined forces to spark an undeniable, and ultimately danceable, blend of atmosphericRead more…

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Live Video: GEMS

Dazzling D.C. duo GEMS stopped by KEXP’s new home, filling our cavernous live room with their spacious and glimmering dream pop. Singer/keyboardist Lindsay Pitts and singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Clifford John Usher released their debut LP, Kill the One You Love, after writing together for years and putting out the critically acclaimed Medusa EP. Their timing was perfect:Read more…

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Live Video: Allen Stone

While promoting his third album, Radius, smiling soul Allen Stone stopped by the new KEXP offices to grace us with his second in-studio performance. The Seattle singer-songwriter peddles in pure analog: there isn’t a drop of electronic on the third album, and he brings the danceable retro of Leon Bridges or the Alabama Shakes with more unbridled, Christmas-morning-childRead more…

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Live Video: Youth Lagoon

As Cheryl Waters jokes, it’s taken over ten years to get Trevor Powers’ band Youth Lagoon in the KEXP studio. Really, the band has only been around since 2010 – it just feels like we’ve all been waiting that long. We were all happy finally to have wrangled Youth Lagoon come grace us, and the timingRead more…

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Immigrant Songs: Winston Jarrett

Can you believe there was once a time where Reggae wasn’t a word everyone recognized? In the musical world you have to really be in awe of how a sound from a tiny island in the Caribbean has propelled itself into the Global Consciousness. The legendary Reggae singer Winston Jarrett can clearly remember when theRead more…

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