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New Donor Challenge: Knockout!

The KEXP Blog makes me want to punch somebody. It’s that good. There’s no other blog quite like it. You enjoy bird’s-eye-view videos of performances at our Seattle studios and KEXP events throughout the community. You can download Song of the Day selections that are curated with the same attention to detail each of our on-air hosts brings toRead more…

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Tell Us Why You Power KEXP!

Listeners and donors regularly send us their inspiring reasons for supporting KEXP –- the way it helps them get through their morning, or helps them share the music they love with their kids, or how it helps them feel more engaged with their community and city. We try to share these stories with you on-air,Read more…

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Summer Membership Drive: The People Who Power KEXP… in their own words

Thanks to the 3,271 individuals who powered KEXP during the Summer Membership Drive. It was an inspiring drive filled with moving testimonials, friendly battles between neighborhoods (congrats, West Seattle), and even clucks and moos. You are the heart behind the music of KEXP. Because of that, we wanted to share a few of our favoriteRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive: The Lists!

The Phone Room has a life of its own during drives. It’s kind of like being present at a birth. It’s a really magical altered state of consciousness and reality. It is all consuming. Everyone in the room is focused on the broadcast booth and the hourly journey we take with the DJs. I betRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive: Hump Day!

Membership drives are an amazing opportunity for those of us here at KEXP to be reminded of how important this station is to so many people. The music on KEXP seems so much more personal to people than what’s on your typical radio station. I guess you know that since you choose to listen. OurRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive: Five Days In – and We’re Counting on You

We’re five days into the Summer Membership Drive, and a slight whiff of hysteria is starting to sweep over the staff and DJs. It could just be from living for days off of caffeine and cupcakes. People like Debora from Sao Paolo, Brazil, keep us going and help maintain our sanity. She says that “KEXPRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive: It’s On!

It’s the 2009 Summer Membership Drive, which means it’s a Hood to Hood Challenge, which means that my head immediately goes to Hood to Hood Days Past, kinda’ like Ebenezer Scrooge’s visits from the three spirits. I started working for KEXP the week of the first Hood to Hood, and then Ballard won, and IRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive: Where Would We Be Without KEXP?

The last couple of days at the KEXP station have been crazy, exciting, overwhelming, and eventful. Interns with sugar-highs race through crowds of smiling volunteers while staff works around the clock as elated shouts ring out from the pledge room. Our station has turned into a humming hive filled with high jinks and a lotRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive: It Just Makes You Feel Good

It’s day two of the Summer Membership Drive, and there is so much excitement here at KEXP it may burst through the walls of the station. Dedicated volunteers are currently sitting by the phones, anxiously waiting for your call. Everyone here at the station is working hard to keep KEXP and the music alive. PleaseRead more…

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KEXP powers Pela!

Our Summer Membership Drive starts today! We’re pretty excited to be asking you to support independent music and public radio. Your gift has such a huge impact! Not just on your ability to listen to the music you love whenever you want, but also on the musicians who create it and the wider community thatRead more…

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