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Saturday Afternoon Artist – Nightmares on Wax

Hello KEXPers, DJ Michele here. Each week I do a show on KEXP on Saturdays from 3-6pm. And every Saturday I choose a favorite artist to feature, playing three songs and telling a story about them. George Evelyn, the programmer/composer for Nightmares on Wax grew up listening to soul music. His sister and dad hadRead more…

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Saturday Afternoon Artist – Phantogram

Hi, DJ Michele Myers here. Every week I review new songs to consider for my Saturday radio show on KEXP. It takes hours to go through the lists of the latest music coming in. And to find older music that will compliment it in a set. New songs are especially tough to choose because thereRead more…

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Saturday Afternoon Artist: The Roots

I have a theory that 75% of all people don’t listen to lyrics. There are so many songs that have great instruments and players but the words are either cliché, don’t make sense or are offensive. As a writer I strongly believe that words are powerful. And that you absorb the words whether you’re listeningRead more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight: Goldfrapp – Black Cherry

Meet Goldfrapp, a band from Bath, England, headed up by the frightening/fascinating Alison Goldfrapp. I love to see female artists who are sexy and powerful like Alison is, she’s very feminine, but not in a male-defined way. She defines herself with confidence … and changes with the music. According to their website, the band GoldfrappRead more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight – Blue Scholars’ self-titled debut

Summertime in the Emerald City. As Blue Scholars say, it’s one of the best kept secrets, summer in the Northwest. Most of our summer days are 70-80 degrees, sunny, with a slight cool breeze. No humidity. And everything is still so green. The light turns golden. Finally, people seem to come out of hibernation, droppingRead more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight – Amores Perros Soundtrack

Love is a bitch. That’s the name of the movie Amores Perros. One of my favorites (it’s a bit violent and grueling at times. You have been warned.). The acting is so good it seems real. All shot in Mexico, it stars Gael Garcia Bernal (the sexiest man alive) and its stories have an almostRead more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight: Verve Remixed, Volume 2

June 2009. I’m sitting on the dock in the California Delta. Even many Californians don’t know about this Eastern collection of rivers and small waterways. It’s a combination between a nature reserve area and a huge boat harbor. My dad has a houseboat here. From his window you can see a baby blue heron whoRead more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight: The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Electric Ladyland

Seattle, May 2009. It’s raining. Time to put on my favorite record, Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix. I check to see if my downstairs neighbor is home, her car is gone, so I turn the stereo up until the word “Max” appears and back away. Getting ready for the intense hits of drive-by sound, searingRead more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight: Diplo – FabricLive.24

April 17, 2009. It was Capitol Hill Day at KEXP. Capitol Hill was the Seattle neighborhood who gave the most during the pledge drive, winning our “hood-to-hood challenge.” The prize was us. The KEXP gang: DJs, staff, volunteers and listeners took to the streets. We invaded the clubs, sidewalks and cafes on the hill forRead more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight: Thunderheist – Thunderheist

When Montreal producer Graham Zilla sent an MP3 of a song to a friend way back in 2006, it accidentally ended up in the box of fellow Spank Rock fan, Toronto singer Isis Salem. Isis thought the song was meant as an invitation to perform, so she recorded her own voice over the instrumental breaksRead more…

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