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Friday Nite Spotlight: Cat Stevens – Greatest Hits

When I was 20 years old I attended an arts college in Pennsylvania. I grew up in Pennsylvania, but never really felt like it was home. Since my parents were divorced, I had spent many summers visiting my dad in California. My favorite place he lived was Berkeley. The people were so colorful. They wereRead more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight: Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

It was a summer night in Seattle and I was spinning a live radio show from a dark, airplane-hanger-like club called Neumo’s. There were hundreds of people in the room. The Capitol Hill Block Party was raging through the streets and I think the Neumo’s doormen let way too many people in by accident. ThenRead more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight: James Brown – 20 All-Time Greatest Hits!

This is my all-time favorite James Brown collection. And every single song here has a corresponding story of how it fits into my life. Song 1 — “It’s a Man’s Man’s World’ Picture yourself in a Brooklyn nightclub on a Saturday night. The paper listed it as a burlesque show, and we’re not really sureRead more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight: Telepathique – Last Time on Earth

It’s another early morning at KEXP. I stop for coffee on the way and wait for it to hit me as I stumble into the station. It’s kind of dark here in the mornings… I guess since there are less people there are less computer screens and lamps lit up. I sit at my desk,Read more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight: Raphael Saadiq – The Way I See It

This fall, I took my city-born boyfriend from Harlem to the Washington Rainforest. He’s 28 years old and had never been on a hike. I’m really into hiking and camping and want to slowly draw him in. So I figured that the Hoh Rainforest would be a good place to start. There is a stunningRead more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight – Daptone Records Remixed

I love vinyl. Every detail of it. The cardboard sleeves it comes in. The “swish” sound as it leaves the sleeve. Art you can put your hands on. Unlike CDs, the art is big enough to appreciate. I have started decorating my apartment walls with LP Covers and naked vinyl discs. It’s finally starting toRead more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight: Thievery Corporation – Radio Retaliation

by Michele Myers This morning I passed a construction worker wearing a hardhat that was decorated with the American flag. And it got me to thinking… With the election of Barack Obama, the first African-American president, the meaning of the flag has changed. I don’t know what Mr. Construction Worker is saying with his hat,Read more…

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Friday Nite Spotlight: The Beatles – Let It Be

We had a debate in the record library at KEXP. It was mostly me and Ryan, the Programming Intern, but others weighed in. Best band of all time? The Beatles, in my opinion, no contest. Ryan was leaning hard on Led Zeppelin, but although they morphed themselves a transcendent rock sound, they basically took bluesRead more…

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Midnight Album Spotlight: Louis La Roche – The Peach EP

November 2008. The future is now. You’re in a French nightclub. It is dark except for flashing lights that animate every movement. The beats are silvery, relentless — hard like a robot heart in your chest. But wait. Sneaking into the mix is the real, warm heart of Motown sound. Is that Michael Jackson IRead more…

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Midnight Album Spotlight – The High Decibels – The High Decibels

Let’s talk for a moment about “force field albums.” Force field albums are records that make you feel good no matter what. Records that block out negative energy. Over the years I’ve found many of them: Lily Allen’s Alright, Still, the Ocean’s Eleven soundtrack, Bob Marley’s Natty Dread, The Beatles’ Let It Be. But myRead more…

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