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KEXP Suggests: Pop Conference 2017 at MoPOP

If we music lovers crave new ways to listen, then music writers lend us new ears. Lucky for us, many of the country’s greatest music writers will descend on Seattle Center to share fresh perspectives on familiar tunes during MoPOP’s annual Pop Conference, which runs today, April 20, through Sunday, April 23. Like its own festival forRead more…

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2010 Pop Conference at EMP|SFM: The Pop Machine Wrap Up

… or Player Pianos, Evil Twins, Twitter’s The CNN Of America, And Space Is The Place Notes taken on April 18, 2010 (It was announced by organizers Eric Weisbard and Ann Powers that this was the last Pop Conference to be held in Seattle for awhile — it is due to be held in LosRead more…

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EMP Pop Con Day One Part Two and Day Two Part One: Church! Girl’s Rooms! Radio Kills The Vaudeville Star! Lady Sound Gloves! And “the Dude”! Etc. Etc.

Notes taken on April 16 and 17, 2010 17 In his preface to The History of the Peloponnesian War, Thucydides acknowledges that he he “found it impossible to remember the exact wording of speeches. Hence I have made each orator speak as, in my opinion, he would have done in the circumstances, but keeping asRead more…

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Day One of the 2010 Pop Conference at the EMPlSFM: They Don’t Call It The Bleeding Edge For Nothing, or Standing On The Shoulders Of Longing For The Past

Notes taken on April 16, 2010 334: Momentum, in literary mosaic, derives not from narrative but the subtle, progressive build up of thematic resonances. –David Shields, Reality Hunger As science fiction author and critic Thomas Disch once said, “Knowledge is devalued when it becomes too generally known.” This is the great problem with writing aboutRead more…

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2010 Pop Conference at EMP|SFM Commencement: Liberating Yourself From Fear (You Have To Write Some Bad Songs)

“We’re nine years old!” sparkled Eric Weisbard, Experience Music Project Pop Conference organizer, one time Spin and Village Voice editor, author of the excellent Guns N’Roses edition of the 33 1/3 series, and now American Studies teacher at the University of Alabama, to cheers.

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The 2010 Pop Conference at Experience Music Project: “The Pop Machine: Music and Technology”

When it comes to music, people usually get together to listen to it, dance to it, or play it. Not chat about it. Yet every April since 2003, folks from around the globe have been gathering at the Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum to talk about music. The event is called the Pop Conference. AndRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Get Your Pop Con On

Hey, check these out: “Embrace The Martian: Hip-Hop, Outer Space, and Post-Gangster Subjectivity” “Good Golly, Why Mali? Solving The Mystery of the Dominance of Malian Popular Music” “On Lady GaGa, Disability, and the Technology of Stardom” “Total Sonic Annihilation” “Pre-Internet Teen Girl Bedroom Culture” “Hank Shocklee… And The ‘Organized Noise’ Sound Culture of Public Enemy’sRead more…

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Rebel Girl Rebel Girl You Are The Queen Of The World: The Third Day At The EMP Pop Conference

or “How ‘Let’s Make Love to Death From Above’ Will Save The World” review by Chris Estey photos by Brady Harvey THE ROUND-UP. Late Saturday night, after the awesome Sunset Tavern show where so many presenters actually proved they are as musically good and often better than what they discuss. I could hardly sleep. QuestionsRead more…

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If Fannish Love Is Masturbation, Then A Recording Is A Blow Up Doll: Second Full Day of the EMP Pop Con

or “This Is Not A Fuck Tape” by Chris Estey photos by Brady Harvey All apologies for this being posted a day later than it should have been — between the second and third (this past Saturday and Sunday) of the Con was fit in a late evening of beautiful music at the Sunset Tavern.Read more…

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Showing How A Little Woman Can Whip A Great Big Man: The First Full Day of The EMP Pop Con

by Chris Estey If I were Paul Allen or had the dude’s money I would throw bunches of it at the Pop Con, to pay all the participants very handsomely, and to stretch the damned thing out a full week so that it needn’t start so early with such great presentations I’ve never been properlyRead more…

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