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Review Revue: Joe Jackson – Body and Soul

We may never know what 1984 KCMU DJs thought of Joe Jackson’s Body and Soul, the follow up to Night and Day (on which we have plenty of input from the contemporaneous DJs). It’s pretty likely that many of those who loved his early stuff remained less than pleased with his doubling-down on the highlyRead more…

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Review Revue: De La Soul – Three Feet High and Rising

In anticipation of tomorrow’s 3 Feet High and Rising deep dive, it seemed only appropriate to share our DJs’ thoughts from back when this delightful hunk of vinyl slid in the door almost three decades ago. I would say more, but I think the KCMU crew pretty much covers it all (and more) below. TuneRead more…

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Review Revue: Hunters & Collectors – Hunters & Collectors

Unlike many of the bands I’ve covered in this blog over the years, I’ve actually heard of Hunters & Collectors! I’m not sure where or how I first was made aware of this long-running Australian band, but I presume it was in my formative years, listening to college radio in the Boston area. As IRead more…

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Review Revue: Inspiral Carpets – Life

I feel like it’s been a while since we featured some album-cover reviews with a solid dose of healthy disagreement and debate. And it may be a while yet, because honestly, while there was plenty of disagreement at KCMU circa 1990 around the Manchester band Inspiral Carpets‘ LP Life, it wasn’t particularly healthy, and IRead more…

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Review Revue: Thee Hypnotics – Come Down Heavy

There was a while there where it seemed like all the cool bands had names starting with “Thee” instead of the usual single-voweled definite article. I didn’t really know what to make of this at the time; I just assumed all the bands in question were probably way too hip for me and left themRead more…

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Review Revue: Killing Joke – Fire Dances

One thing about browsing through the KEXP stacks is that you never know when you’ll come across something that should probably be in a museum, and not on a shelf where some grubby-fingered scribe such as myself can pull it out, snap a picture of the cover, and transcribe the pithy comments scrawled on it.Read more…

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Review Revue: Lida Husik – Bozo

Today, over five and a half years after my post about Lida Husik’s 2nd album and its reception at KCMU, I decided to share her very first album. Way back in 2010, I was lamenting whatever oversight had led to Ms. Husik’s not being on Wikipedia, and expressing excitement that she was working on herRead more…

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Review Revue: Indigo Girls – Indigo Girls

I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction from our occasionally snobbish friends at KCMU circa 1989 to the eponymous major label debut by Indigo Girls (who I’m assuming need no introduction, but maybe millennials have no idea who I’m talking about; well, I guess this record is as good a place to start as any).Read more…

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Review Revue: Killdozer – For Ladies Only

Madison noisemeisters Killdozer certainly had their fans at KCMU, if the reaction to 1986’s Burl EP is to be believed, but it seems their loyalty was being tested by the covers collection For Ladies Only. From 25 years in the future, it’s hard to remember that heavy, noise-laden (and maybe ironic?) covers of pop songsRead more…

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Review Revue: Invaders of the Heart – Without Judgement

The bass-wielding demigod known as Jah Wobble (nĂ© John Wardle, renamed by Sid Vicious, who also allegedly gave him his first bass) should need no introduction, especially around these parts, but here’s the quick version: First heard holding down the low end with PiL, he soon moved on to his own varied, multigenre projects, probablyRead more…

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