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Review Revue: Happy Mondays – “Step On” (Single)

Despite the many, many hours in the late ’80s and early ’90s I spent immersing myself in the sounds of Manchester (both contemporary and historical), for some reason the Happy Mondays never really clicked with me. Maybe they were just a bit too fun and dancey for my mopey teenaged self, who knows. But itRead more…

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Review Revue: Adult Net – Waking Up in the Sun

Brix Smith seems to have led a fascinating existence. Perhaps having been a member of the Fall isn’t a huge claim to fame (not many bands have Wikipedia pages specifically dedicated to listing their past members, after all). But how many people can say they’ve played with the Fall, the Bangles, and Hole? Can’t beRead more…

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Review Revue: A.C. Marias – One of Our Girls

Angela Conway, the force behind A.C. Marias, doesn’t seem to have been particularly prolific as an artist, but what she lacked in quantity she more than made up for in quality – as evidenced by the KCMU gang’s high regard for One of Our Girls, the sole A.C. Marias full-length. Conway collaborated extensively with Wire’sRead more…

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Review Revue: Altered Images – Bite

I didn’t realize that I was familiar with Altered Images when I pulled out this record, but it turns out I know two of their songs (and I’m sure you know at least one, if not both): the title track from their debut album, Happy Birthday (which is exactly the one you think of whenRead more…

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Review Revue: Hasil Adkins – The Wild Man

I don’t know how much needs to be said about Hasil “Haze” Adkins that wouldn’t be better communicated by merely listening to any of the approximately one million songs he recorded to various fidelities of tape over his fifty-ish year career. The first song I ever heard by Mr. Adkins (thanks to a cassette copyRead more…

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Review Revue: Happy Flowers – Lasterday I Was Been Bad

OK, you’re all in trouble. Why am I only just now learning about Happy Flowers? Noisy, disturbing/hilarious songs written from the perspective of a toddler? Band members named Mr. Anus and Mr. Horribly Charred Infant? Covers of Big Star, Michael Schenker, and Silver Apples on the same album? These guys were obviously geniuses way aheadRead more…

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Review Revue: Adam Ant – Friend or Foe

If you’re my age and MTV was a huge part of your musical awakening, this album (or really its hit single “Goody Two-Shoes”) was your first exposure to the artist known as Adam Ant. And you probably thought it was pretty cool. But if you were a college radio DJ at the time, and hadRead more…

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Review Revue: Ambitious Lovers – Greed

Arto Lindsay, the guitaring/singing half of the art-pop duo Ambitious Lovers, is one of my favorite – and one of the most underrated – musical artists of the late 20th century (he has gone relatively quiet in the past decade or so, although some recent posts on his facebook page instill hopes that he’s recordingRead more…

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Review Revue: Nina Hagen – In Ekstasy

All of the recent celebration of fallen heroes is right and just and important, but how about we take a moment to laud a ground-breaking, mind-bending, genre-exploding genius who still walks among us? Nina Hagen is one of those restless, multifaceted artists whose career and catalog can be intimidating.  With 15 albums over 35 years,Read more…

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Review Revue: David Bowie w/Queen Latifah – “Fame 90″

Bowie. What more can I say? I certainly don’t have anything to add to the conversation that hasn’t been shared much more eloquently a thousand times already. (Including, I’m sure, a thousand or more versions of the preceding sentence.) A huge loss has occurred, but it’s been inspiring to see the outpouring of love andRead more…

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