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Scribes Sounding Off: Forming And Culminating (Indie-College Rock, Black Metal, ’77 Punk)

1982 had given punks a couple of years to realize that things were going to be rough for awhile. Jocks were starting to collect en masse in the slam pits of the cities, the prevailing trend was for once protest leaders to become prominent businessmen, and the major labels were no longer signing bands likeRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Culture, Counter Culture, Chaos Culture in America

As Octavia Butler, Seattle-based author and national treasure (and heroine to Ishmael Butler) once said in response to a question about terrorism in the future, she was more afraid of our negligence. Outlandishly benefiting the rich (such as tax cuts before and after 9/11), a lack of innovation in the sciences (giving up on thingsRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: More Than Human (Pop When The World Falls Apart)

As I write this review of an anthology made up of papers given at a previous Pop Conference, the 2012 assembly of the EMP-sponsored legion of academics, working class scholars, performance artists and poets, dancers, and street-level scribes are meeting in New York for Sounds Of The City (the topical theme this year). There isRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Soul Kitchen Edition (Doors, Louvin Bros., Mike Doughty)

A garage band with grand sonic ambitions from Venice, California, The Doors — Ray Manzarek, Jim Morrison, John Densmore, Robby Krieger — is the toast of Greil Marcus’s latest book, The Doors: A Lifetime of Listening to Five Mean Years. It’s a brisk sweep through the history of the strangely endlessly influential yet condemned byRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Eugene Robinson Brings It to Seattle… and Best Music Books of 2011

The next Scribes Sounding Off event sponsored by Infinite Productions will be held at The Comet in Seattle, where author/musician Eugene Robinson of Oxbow and David Yow of Scratch Acid/Jesus Lizard will do a Q&A, some spoken word, and more. It takes place on Saturday, December 17, from 6 – 8 p.m. at 922 E.Read more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: 33 Days – An 80s Road Diary

This December brings to Seattle two exciting live events tied to authors of books fully formed in the underground rock experience; both involve musicians from the deep post-punk and hardcore American scenes — and revolve around the risks that frequent dreams attempting to be made real. For two Saturdays in a row, December 10 andRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Everything Is An Afterthought: The Life and Writings of Paul Nelson

Editor Kevin Avery begins his superb collection of Paul Nelson’s writings with both a beautifully poignant introduction by Nick Tosches, and his own teenage letter to Rolling Stone (April 30, 1981 issue), in which he praises Nelson for being a really great writer and a really great friend. The friend to who he was inRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: YEAH! Keep On Pushing! Flying Saucers! Talk – Action = 0! Rockabilly!

Fans of books and popular music and books about popular music rejoice! This autumn has brought a hardy cornucopia swirling internally with thickly-compiled treasures of criticism, history, comics, discographies, and lunatic yet lucid theories about what we talk about when we talk about rocking. I have personally never been as excited about a season suchRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Rock And Roll Will Never Forget Chuck Eddy

Seattle didn’t have much beach reading weather this year, but then we don’t have a whole lot of beaches either (OK, I rarely go to the beach, I have no idea, but I do play Neil Young’s On The Beach LP a whole lot, if that counts). Even so, with dusk coming sooner and daysRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Simon Reynolds, Now And Again

Rip It Up and Start Again author Simon Reynolds’ recently had a “greatest hits” anthology of his own, Bring The Noise, which put together a massive collection of his career of exchanges with rock, post-punk, and hip-hop artists, and his adroit reviews for many UK and American publications. Almost ironically, he follows that two-decade chronicleRead more…

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