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Scribes Sounding Off: Being & Punk-Blackness

Sheila Heti and Misha Glouberman have co-authored a book — him talking, her writing it down — that is the sort of beautiful collaboration of wit, wisdom, and wonder that you might have started a band to express, helped make a film to capture, taken non-college courses to expand your mind to. The Chairs AreRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Synthesizers

The Beastie Boys may have released the first number one hip-hop album on the Billboard charts (License To Ill, 1986), but to most of those reading the KEXP Blog, Beastiemania probably has more to do with a unified field of creative miscegenation. Made up primarily of Michael Diamond (Mike D), Adam “MCA” Yauch, and AdamRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Fantagraphics Books & EMP’s Take Punk to the Masses; and Steve Ignorant of Crass comes to Seattle

Coming out in May 2011 will be Fantagraphics Books’ beguiling tie-in for the Experience Music Project’s next humongous documentation of the Pacific NW music scene: Taking Punk to the Masses: From Nowhere to Nevermind, edited by EMP curator Jacob McMurray. Slavishly documenting and lavishly illustrating through band flyers and set lists and rare record sidesRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: (Original) Sound And Vision

In this edition of SSO we focus on people who have written and drawn and made music that has influenced the best of their chosen mediums. Even if they themselves are often only talked about (often feverishly) by people so fully immersed in the expression of similarly robust ideas about creativity, freedom, and the coolRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Vintage Violence

What is that you’re drinking? Is there at least some form of alcohol in there among the ice chips and fizzy water? Oh, OK. I get it. You just came back from the bathroom with friends. I guess that explains it. Well, what are you working on? Oh, an article about “open source.” That soundsRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Best Scribing 2010

Full disclosure: My own fan-memoir “Phil Ochs Greatest Hits” is in this, the eleventh year and latest installment of Da Capo’s Best Music Writing series. It’s audacious enough I’m putting it on this list, but at the top, too? My excuses are (1.) This is not a descending-in-quality top ten list; (2.) My own pieceRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Best Music Bios of 2010

Just Kids by Patti Smith (Ecco): On the anniversary of the death of Rimbaud, I gave the first of my “Rock and Rimbaud” performances, reuniting me with Lenny Kaye. It was held on the roof of Le Jardin, in the Hotel Diplomat off Times Square. The evening began with the Kurt Weill classic “Speak Low,”Read more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Most Rocking Comix 2010

Rock music, science fiction, and comic books were the cultural aliens and rocket ships of the 1950s — fantasies created out of paranoia and power, all about the ‘different’ and ‘the future’ — and all creatively evolved out of pulpy origins into addictions for transcendence by every day people. Not just fans; but soon, fandomRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: What We Did Isn’t Secret Anymore, or The Very Best Proto-Post-Punk Books of 2010

Everybody I know who loves great music books adored the post-punk Bible Rip It Up and Start Again by Simon Reynolds when it came out a few years ago. It simply captured a complex era which keeps inspiring bands and writers since the first flames of punk rock were lit beneath the asses of danceRead more…

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Scribes Sounding Off: Slurping Up The 70s

In the previous installment of SSO, we looked at how 80s-defined punk rock imagery affected movies of (mostly) that time period — in the glorious coffee table tome Destroy All Movies!! Now we’re going to go back in time and broaden our scope to stare at some wonky but wonderful LP jackets, and listen againRead more…

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