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Spring Fundraising Drive: Bigfoot, Aaron Neville, and YOU!

“Help! Bigfoot has me trapped in the kitchen!” That’s the email I almost sent by accident to hundreds of KEXP volunteers on Wednesday, because I was goofing around. Luckily, our volunteer scheduling tool is idiot-proof and stopped me.

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KEXP Spring Fundraising Drive: Ladies and Gentlemen… the Animals!

The animals are together at last—and I’m not talking about Eric Burdon and company reuniting to hit the casino circuit. KEXP’s Spring Fundraising Drive kicks off this Friday, and as a special thank you gift to donors who contributor $100 or more, we’re offering a brand new kids T-shirt. Created by Chad Syme of ScoreRead more…

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KEXP Spring Membership Drive: Powering the Next Generation of Music Lovers

All week during the KEXP Spring Membership Drive, we’ve heard from donors of all ages who love music with all of their hearts. It’s amazing that so many people are dedicated to introducing the little ones in their lives to KEXP! We hear from parents who listen every morning with their kids, we have kindergartenersRead more…

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KEXP Spring Membership Drive: The KEXP Habit

Earlier this month, a young woman named Gina (a KEXP listener from Mexico) made a trip to Seattle, largely inspired by her love of KEXP. After a seven-day visit and a permanently inked forearm, it became clear that she’d fit right in here in the Emerald City. She wrote in to Morning Show host JohnRead more…

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Out This Week 2/28

In this week’s list of new releases, you’ll find a handful of bands you’ve likely heard about first while listening to KEXP or reading this blog. As we’re currently deep into our Spring Membership Drive, we’re asking you to consider all this new… and often free!… music we’ve helped you discover over the years andRead more…

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KEXP Spring Membership Drive: Discover. Play. Repeat.

The summer I turned 16, I spent many afternoons driving aimlessly, just happy to be behind the wheel. I’d often end up at Twist & Shout, a record store near downtown Denver, where I’d wander between listening stations for hours. Drive. Listen. Repeat. At the record store, I’d rifle through the FREE bin, searching forRead more…

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KEXP’s 2012 Spring Membership Drive is Dy-no-mite!

by Gwen Colwell, Assistant Director of Development, Annual Giving The Spring Membership Drive is literally just minutes away and I am psyched to get it started. Leon and crew will be starting us off strong with Shake the Shack which is always a good time. I can’t wait for you to see the new KEXPRead more…

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Spring Membership Drive: My Morning with a Musical Revolutionary

During KEXP’s drives, energy runs high: phones ring, volunteers chat, parents stop in with their kids to make a donation and grab a cupcake. The week moves at such a breathtaking pace I have to remind myself to slow down every so often. When I’m home, I can take time to do simple things likeRead more…

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Spring Membership Drive: The KEXP Badge of Pride

With constant detours, dismantling of major thoroughfares, and ever-increasing traffic congestion, the chance to listen to the radio remains one of the few pleasures associated with driving in the city of Seattle. (Lake views are nice, too.) I do listen to KEXP all day long at the office, but there’s something about cruising in theRead more…

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Spring Membership Drive: Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who helped make KEXP’s Spring Membership Drive a success — from the league of phone room volunteers, to the local businesses who supplied delicious food, energizing coffee and even relaxing massages to keep them at the peak of their productivity, and to you especially, our donating members. KEXP survivesRead more…

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