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Happy Amplifiers Love Week!

Do you remember Spirit Week in high school? When everybody had to wear school colors, show up to class in pajames, or dress as members of the opposite sex? I never, ever thought I’d reflect affectionately on that five-day stretch leading up to the big homecoming game. I loathed Spirit Week, hiding in the wilds of the FFARead more…

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Summer Fundraising Drive: Hood-to-Hood Challenge

“Love thy neighbor.” That’s what I chant every time the sound of band practice from the house two doors down spills through my office windows. But the truth is, I rarely find it difficult to love my neighbors. Seattle is a city teeming with diverse, vibrant communities, each with its own charms. I adore livingRead more…

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Summer Fundraising Drive: “A beacon of originality”

It isn’t unusual to find Rachel Flotard on KEXP. Her (former) band Visqueen remains one of the KEXP Community’s best-loved Seattle favorites. Her record label, Local 638, has issued stellar full-lengths from Shelby Earl, Cristina Bautista, and Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs.  Go poke around the KEXP Flickr pages, and you’ll find snaps ofRead more…

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Summer Fundraising Drive: Make A Circuit With Me

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had lunch and went record shopping with my childhood best friend, who works as an elementary school teacher in Northern Virginia. He mentioned running into our fifth grade science instructor recently, then casually remarked that he couldn’t recall anything in particular we’d studied in her class as children. But IRead more…

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Summer Fundraising Drive: By Land or by Sea with KEXP

The Summer Fundraising Drive starts today and I am really looking forward to the KEXP Community sharing stories of why KEXP is important to them. Wade from the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Arabian Gulf shared this with us: “…when the Navy gave me a ticket to submarine base Bangor, WA, I was thrust into aRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive: Locavoracious

We’ve all heard about locavores, foodies dedicated to consuming only products grown and made in their immediate geographic region. At KEXP, our passion for promoting music made close to home is insatiable. “Locavoracious,” as it were. Yes, we’re counting down the very best Local Albums of all time in the final hours of the SummerRead more…

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Weird At My School: 4AD 4VR

Tonight I’m thrilled to be hosting in-studio performances by two influential artists: At 9 PM we’ll be broadcasting a session with Robin Guthrie (formerly of Cocteau Twins), followed by another from Brendan Perry (formerly of Dead Can Dance) at 11 PM. And since both those men got their start recording for the iconic independent labelRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive: Do You Remember the First Time?

For 34 years, I have been living a lie. I’ve been repeating the same fib for so long it’s become the truth. But my conscience is heavy with guilt, and I’m tired of the deception. And what better time to come clean than during the Summer Membership Drive, when so many KEXP listeners profess theirRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive: The Transcendent Power of Music

I was talking with the lovely DJ Michele Myers just the other day about the Summer Membership Drive (starting TODAY on Shake the Shack). We were having one of those passionate “friends-talking-about-something-they-love” conversations about why we think supporting KEXP is so important. And I thought to myself, “The amazing thing about the KEXP Community isRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive 2010: YOU Power KEXP!

All week long, we’ve heard why you power KEXP: because the unique mix of music gets you through your commute; because you’ve come to depend on the DJs to help you discover new music; because you hear music on KEXP that you don’t hear anywhere else. Heartfelt testimonials have been pouring in from around theRead more…

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