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Summer Membership Drive Update: Over The Hump

Today, I sat in a corner of the call room, typing typing typing. I didn’t really get to meet anyone. Early on, I somehow found myself in a meeting and I tried really hard to focus. I also tried really hard to listen to the concerns of loved ones who think I’m becoming myopic inRead more...

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Summer Membership Drive Update: Monday... brain needs food...

Brains need stuff to keep them going. My brain has stopped receiving stuff from me. Except it keeps getting a lot of caffeine, alcohol, and cheese pizza. This is not a good thing. This is a bad thing. My brain does not live by coffee, beer and pizza pies, alone. It’s hard to write somethingRead more...

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Become a KEXP member... show your Midday Show love!

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Summer Membership Drive: Weekend update

The weekend of the Summer Membership Drive has been a blur of espresso drinks, t-shirts, and special encounters with new friends and old friends. On Friday night, Jessica stopped by the station in response to Kevin and Rachel’s invite to come on down, make a gift, get some dinner and hang out. Jessica’s from Miami,Read more...

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2008 Summer Membership Drive Update: A Membership Drive is Like a Wedding Reception

This day reminds me of a wedding reception, minus the groomsman getting drunk and making a pass at my cousin’s daughter -- well, there is the woman who just called to ask, “Do you guys know where the booty cave is?” We don’t, by the way, but if you find out, let us know. TheRead more...

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Summer Membership Drive = Success!

created by Quilty3000 A great big THANK YOU to everyone who became KEXP members during the Summer Membership Drive. We hit our goal on Friday thanks to the 3500 listeners who pledged! KEXP is a member supported radio station. Thanks to your ongoing contributions, we will continue to bring the quality programming you enjoy, includingRead more...

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Pledge Drive Update: Kids Know KEXP Is Good Radio

KEXP’s kid-friendly volunteers are waiting to take your pledge Everyone who knows me, accuses me of being a sap. In my grandmother’s time they may have called me an incurable romantic, which is more palatable. Label me what you will, but I have faith that we can learn a lot from children. Sometimes they justRead more...

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Behind the KEXP Curtain with Ken Frye: Summer Pledge Drive Update

This is Ken Frye and today I am pledging for KEXP! At 2 pm, John Richards and Cheryl Waters left the air after what was a 3 day celebratory, humorous and encouraging pledge drive shift for the greatest radio station on earth. Thanks, John and Cheryl!!! I have been listening to you every morning sinceRead more...

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Pledge Drive Update: Adorning Supporters

Sunday dawned to beautiful, beautiful weather in the Emerald City. I noticed that my roses needed to be pruned as I rushed out the door to get into the studio for Preachin’ the Blues. The roses willl need to wait a week. Johnny Horn and Cheryl Waters are in the studio, working hard to meetRead more...

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Pledge Drive Update: Positive Vibes = Postive Supporters

Yesterday was crazy! (My day happened to start at 6:35 AM with the next door neighbor DEMOLISHING HIS HOUSE…there oughta be a law!) It’s so fun to start the drive with a busy day – it may have been the quickest 9 hours of my life. Kid Hops was offering a Positive Vibrations bumper stickerRead more...

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