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Summer Membership Drive: Locavoracious

We’ve all heard about locavores, foodies dedicated to consuming only products grown and made in their immediate geographic region. At KEXP, our passion for promoting music made close to home is insatiable. “Locavoracious,” as it were. Yes, we’re counting down the very best Local Albums of all time in the final hours of the SummerRead more…

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Weird At My School: 4AD 4VR

Tonight I’m thrilled to be hosting in-studio performances by two influential artists: At 9 PM we’ll be broadcasting a session with Robin Guthrie (formerly of Cocteau Twins), followed by another from Brendan Perry (formerly of Dead Can Dance) at 11 PM. And since both those men got their start recording for the iconic independent labelRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive: Do You Remember the First Time?

For 34 years, I have been living a lie. I’ve been repeating the same fib for so long it’s become the truth. But my conscience is heavy with guilt, and I’m tired of the deception. And what better time to come clean than during the Summer Membership Drive, when so many KEXP listeners profess theirRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive: The Transcendent Power of Music

I was talking with the lovely DJ Michele Myers just the other day about the Summer Membership Drive (starting TODAY on Shake the Shack). We were having one of those passionate “friends-talking-about-something-they-love” conversations about why we think supporting KEXP is so important. And I thought to myself, “The amazing thing about the KEXP Community isRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive 2010: YOU Power KEXP!

All week long, we’ve heard why you power KEXP: because the unique mix of music gets you through your commute; because you’ve come to depend on the DJs to help you discover new music; because you hear music on KEXP that you don’t hear anywhere else. Heartfelt testimonials have been pouring in from around theRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive 2010: True Confessions

True confessions? I prefer to write a blog with a gin and tonic at my elbow. It makes me feel like Henry Miller or William S. Burroughs. If they drank when they wrote, I know it would be whiskey, but a girl can dream. I like feeling like them — kinda bad ass-ish, kinda grizzled…Read more…

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Summer Membership Drive 2010: Hump Day – Please Support!

Membership drives are an amazing opportunity for those of us here at KEXP to be reminded of how important this station is to so many people. The music on KEXP seems so much more personal to people than what’s on your typical radio station. I guess you know that since you choose to listen. OurRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive 2010: Five Days In and We’re Counting on You

We’re five days into the Summer Membership Drive, and a slight whiff of hysteria is starting to sweep over the staff and DJs. It could just be from living for days off of caffeine and cupcakes. Right now, Capitol Hill is in the lead of our Hood-to-Hood Challenge!

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Summer Membership Drive 2010: Connecting the Dots

I’ve got blues on the brain. I’ve always sort of understood that the blues are the basis of so much contemporary music. But, I didn’t know how to hear Sonny Boy Williamson in The Gossip. That’s all changed now that I’ve taken a class at the University of Washington with Professor Larry Starr. Over tenRead more…

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Summer Membership Drive 2010: It Just Makes You Feel Good

It’s the first day of the Summer Membership Drive, and there is so much excitement here at KEXP it may burst through the walls of the station. Dedicated volunteers will be in to sit by the phones when the drive starts on Shake the Shack tonight. Everyone here at the station is working hard toRead more…

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