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Weird At My School: Big Gay Podcast 2011

When I read the opening paragraphs of Frank Bruni’s editorial for the Sunday New York Times, for a moment I thought the Op-Ed contributor had been flipping through my diary: IN the mid-1980s, when I was in college, what concerned and frustrated my peers and me was how few states had basic statutes forbidding discriminationRead more...

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Weird At My School: 4AD 4VR

Tonight I’m thrilled to be hosting in-studio performances by two influential artists: At 9 PM we’ll be broadcasting a session with Robin Guthrie (formerly of Cocteau Twins), followed by another from Brendan Perry (formerly of Dead Can Dance) at 11 PM. And since both those men got their start recording for the iconic independent labelRead more...

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Weird At My School: Thomas Dolby

I don’t know why I’m so astonished by the caliber of Oceanea, the new EP from Thomas Dolby, and his first release of all-new music in almost 20 years. Heaven knows, the music press is lousy right now with favorable write-ups for recent activity from acts who last troubled the pop charts when Ronald ReaganRead more...

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Weird At My School: Claudia Brücken

The career of Claudia Brücken is a triumph of quality over quantity. Although the German singer has been making records since 1984, when she bowed with Propaganda‘s dark and majestic single “Dr. Mabuse,” her core discography features only five full-length albums, each made with different collaborators. Certainly “Greatest Hits” discs have been compiled from farRead more...

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Weird At My School: Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune

When I was a little boy, folk music was the only kind of pop I knew. My father had an enormous LP collection, but it was comprised almost entirely of classical fare. At the far end of the bottom cabinet, partially blocked by a side table, was the only evidence I could find that myRead more...

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Weird At My School: The Dirtbombs’ Party Store

For many musicians, covering other artists’ material comes at a peril. There is the risk of exposing one’s own weaknesses as a songwriter, or dragging a well-known tune so far from its stylistic roots that the results yield an amusing but short-lived novelty. (Personally, I’d just as soon listen to the Gourds play originals, butRead more...

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Weird At My School: Wanda Jackson

Well this is embarrassing: A 73 year-old woman has got me feeling all hot and bothered. No, I haven’t embarked on a May-December romance; I’ll leave those kind of sordid exploits to Hugh Hefner. I’m referring to the flush of excitement that’s come over me since I heard The Party Ain’t Over, the new albumRead more...

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Weird At My School: ESG

When I was a young man, it infuriated me when reviews of a band I liked made passing reference to other artists I’d never heard or heard of -- and wasn’t likely to any time soon, being stuck out in the boondocks. Every time a writer mentioned Scott Walker in connection to the oeuvre ofRead more...

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Weird At My School: Anika

I have a confession to make. Two of them, really. I know, most folks are already trying to find the loopholes in their proposed New Year’s resolutions right about now, but I like to start January with a clean slate. The first thing I want to get off my chest is a project unfulfilled: ForRead more...

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Weird At My School: Christmas Cavalcade

I love Christmas music. If my partner would permit such madness, I’d listen to it all year round, and the original version of ZE Records’ A Christmas Record is in my all-time Top Ten, regardless of the season. However, while walking around downtown Seattle yesterday with a friend who was feeling glum, the sound ofRead more...

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