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5th Annual Yule Benefit: Meet the elves you might meet — tonight!

Hey there… it’s Indie Rock Elf again. I just wanted to remind you to get your tickets for the 5th Annual Yule Benefit. Come to the Showbox tonight, where you’ll be sure to find me and all of my friends. Here are a few more of my pals who will be attending: Punchy the PowerpopRead more…

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DJ Jazzy Jingles Recommends: 5th Annual Yule Benefit

Dearest Elves back home, DJ Jazzy Jingles here! You will not believe the sights we have seen in the far away land of Seattle. We have traveled a long road but the pilgrimage has been well worth it. THE YULE BENEFIT IS TOMORROW! Yes, it is a right of passage for every elf to seeRead more…

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Indie Rock Elf: with Les Savy Fav … soon to be with Feral Children

What’s cooler than wearing red tights at work? Having Tim from Les Savy Fav tug at your red tights while you sprawl yourself across the band… while at work. And there might be one thing cooler than that — which is wearing red tights and creating a general ruckus while Feral Children rock out onRead more…

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Yule Elf Yule-onda Recommends: 5th Annual Yule Benefit

Hi There! I’m Yule-onda, one of the KEXP elves, I spend all of my time at KEXP. All of it. Most of the time I’m slaving away, but it’s ok sometimes. There are DJs to play tricks on, lots of coffee, and oh yeah, great music. Here I am with Indie Rock Elf pulling someRead more…

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Musical Tourist Elf Recommends: 5th Annual Yule Benefit

Hey now! It’s me, the Musical Tourist Elf! My good friend the Indie Rock Elf reminded me that the KEXP Yule Benefit is coming up soon, which sounded like another great excuse to hit the road to do what I love the most: touring the world’s finest music spots! So I hit the southern roadRead more…

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Indie Rock Elf Recommends: 5th Annual Yule Benefit

Hi! It’s me, the KEXP Yule Benefit Indie Rock Elf. If you don’t remember me, I was the drunken, mischievous sidekick to that sad excuse for a Santa Claus at last year’s gloriously wild Yule Benefit. I remember it like it was yesterday…Oh, the music…the people…the whiskey. Sweet, sweet, horrible whiskey. I’ve been in hibernationRead more…

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