Record Store Day 2015: KEXP DJ & Staff Picks, Part Two


It’s Record Store Day Eve, so get to bed early so you can wake up and get in line at your favorite neighborhood store! Many KEXP DJs and staff will be in line, too, hoping to get some of the items below. (Part one of their lists is posted here, and DJ Kevin Cole shares his highlights here.) Plus, check out all these different events around town!

All week long on The Afternoon Show, DJ Kevin Cole has been chatting with local record store entrepreneurs, and today’s guest is:

Friday: Matt Vaughan (Easy Street)

Tune in at 3:00 PM PT to hear Matt spin some of his Record Store Day highlights, and stay tuned for a very big announcement, too! (You don’t want to miss it!)

Darek Mazzone | Host of Wo’Pop:

Various Artists – An On-U Journey Through Time and Space 12″

Katrina Harvie-Watt | Major Gifts Officer:

David Bowie, Changes, 7” picture disc!

Tanner Ellison | Host of Seek and Destroy:

EVERY DAY is Record Store Day!!!! Well, if they sell metal albums anyway :P

I also found this really good Vice/Noisey article talking about how vinyl production in this country is sliding into a shitty space partially thanks to larger acts and labels trying to cash in on the vinyl “trend” (I don’t know about the trend, I’ve been buying underground punk and metal vinyl since I was 13). But it’s worth a read and brings up some valid points.

• At The Gates – Gardens of Grief
• Carcass – Choice Cuts
• Electric Wizard – Time To Die
• Gwar – America Must Be Destroyed
• Deathwish – Out For Blood
• Hawkwind – Back on the Streets
• Jungle Rot – Terror Regime
• Hawkwind – Hawkwind
• Venom – From The Very Depths


Andy Klatt | Information Specialist:

Eyedea & Abilities – E&A

My guitar teacher told me about this DJ/MC duo in the early aughts. There might not be a more complete hip-hop album if you like poetic, intelligent lyrics and jazzy, one-of-a-kind beats. I have to own it.

Jeffrey Vetting | Events and Outreach Manager:

I have a collection of Braid colored vinyl and limited editions (Midwest Holler!), so I am looking forward to Kids Get Grids by Braid.

Morgan Chosnyk | Variety Mix DJ:

My picks are Built to Spill – Untethered Moon LP, mclusky – mcluskyism LP, and Neko Case – Fox Confessor Brings The Flood LP! Woo RSD!

Dylan Flesch | Licensing & Podcasting Coordinator:

Citizen Dick – Touch Me I’m Dick – Legacy 7″
Courtney Barnett – Kim’s Caravan – mom+pop 12″
John Prine – September 78 – Oh Boy Records 12″ 1250
Richard Swift – Ground Trouble Jaw – Secretly Canadian LP
Built To Spill – Untethered Moon – Warner Bros. LP

Janice Headley | Online Content Producer:

• William Tyler – Deseret Canyon LP: A reissue of the long-out-of-print solo album from the Lambchop guitarist, released in 2008 under the name The Paper Hats.

• Bedhead – Live in Chicago 12″: It’s a “Regional Focus Release” so I’m not holding my breath that I’ll find it.

• Polaris – Music From The Adventures of Pete and Pete LP

• I’m kind-of curious about the Syd Barrett/R.E.M. – “Dark Globe” 7″ single, but how is it different from the flexi-disc that came with the January 1990 issue of Sassy Magazine? #NERD


Michele Myers | Variety Mix DJ:

Air – Playground Love (Soundtrack)
Otis Redding – Otis Redding Sings Soul
Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy Live (Would hang this red vinyl beauty on my wall in between spinnings.)

Reeves Richards | Variety Mix DJ:

Here are five albums on my wishlist for record store day. I’ve ordered them from most to least important.

1. Live Harvest – Blitzen Trapper: One of my favorite NW artists covering one of my favorite albums of all time? Mark this down as the personal must have.

2. Picaresque – The Decemberists: Happy to see this one get the vinyl treatment. I will pick it up if it’s available.

3. Choice Cuts – Carcass: If only for the ridiculous bad ’80s horror movie album cover as well as some of the best death metal out there.

4. Meet Me in the City – The Black Keys/Junior Kimbrough: Though there are several great 7″ releases on the list, this one caught my eye immediately. Black Keys’ Kimbrough covers EP Chulahoma is already fantastic.

5. Gardens of Grief – At The Gates: I had the pleasure of seeing At the Gates perform live on March 31st at the Showbox. Their debut EP on vinyl would be a pretty nice addition.

Honorable Mentions: Boys and Girls of America and Heaven Is Whenever by The Hold Steady, Get Behind Me Satan by The White Stripes, and Live at Pickathon Split by Those Darlins/Diarrhea Planet.

Nate Prudhon | Variety Mix DJ:

· Bob Marley – Bob Marley Interviews: So Much Things To Say
· Mastodon – Atlanta
· Jaco Pastorius – The Warner Years
· Swans – 12″ EP
· Run The Jewels – Record Store Day Release
· Robert Plant – More Roar
· Death Cab For Cutie/Freedy Johnston – Bad Reputation
· Syd Barrett/R.E.M. – Dark Globe
· Blitzen Trapper – Harvest
· Grandmaster Flash/Stiff Little Fingers – The Message
· Foo Fighters – Songs From The Laundry Room
· The Flaming Lips – Bad Days
· The Flaming Lips – This Here Giraffe
· Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians
· Charlie Parker – The Charlie Parker Story
· Miles Davis – The Prestige 10 Inch LP Collection Vol. 2
· Brian Eno – My Squelchy Life
· The Prodigy – Ibiza
· Johnny Cash – Koncert v Praze (In Prague–Live)
· J Dilla – Love
· J Dilla – Fuck The Police
· Cassandra Wilson/Billie Holiday – You Go To My Head/The Mood That I’m In
· Curtis Fuller’s Quintet – Blues-ette
· Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck
· Metallica – No Life Til Leather
· Carcass – Choice Cuts
· Courtney Barnett – Kim’s Caravan
· Jurassic 5 – Quality Control–The Wood Box
· The Kinks – Kinksize Session & Kinksize Hits
· Paul McCartney – The Family Way: Original Soundtrack Recording
· Ministry – Ministry Trax Box
· Mark Mothersbaugh – The Lego Movie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
· Reverend Horton Heat – It’s A Rave-Up/Beer, Write This Song
· Rockabye Baby – Lullaby Renditions of Grateful Dead
· RPM Turntable Baseball – Two Games, One Record (A Two-Player Game Played at 33 1/3 RPM)

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Song of the Day: Mommy Long Legs – Life Rips

photo by Allyce Andrew

Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. This week, we are featuring new local songs as selected by Audioasis host DJ Sharlese.

Mommy Long Legs – Life Rips (MP3)

Sharlese’s pick for today is the title track from the 2015 self-released album Life Rips by Mommy Long Legs.
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Album Review: Them Are Us Too – Remain

San Francisco has been doing the shoegaze revival right for a while now. There’s something about the way bay area indie rock meshes with the sounds of My Bloody Valentine and Ride to give the classic, noisy 80s textures a brisk, airy sensibility, and the denseness of the classics is made new through vibrant and euphoric tone. The city’s latest offering comes to us in the form of the 21 year-old duo of Kennedy Ashlyn and Cash Askew, forming together as Them Are Us Too. Remain is their first LP and its a wonderfully warm debut, ripe with Cocteau Twins vibes all around and some great songwriting work from such a young pair.

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Thursday Music News

photo by Bebe Labree Besch (view set)

  • West coast weirdo Ariel Pink shares a video today for the track “Jell-O” off last year’s stellar full-length Pom Pom. The psychedelic clip, directed by Dan Kapelovitz, showcases vintage meat industry footage interspersed with the band making Jell-O shots. The video is dedicated to the late Kim Fowley, who co-wrote the song. Watch below, and watch video from his KEXP in-studio session here. [Pitchfork]

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Review Revue: R.E.M. – Reckoning


R.E.M., who released Reckoning, their second album, almost exactly 31 years ago, were a band for 31 years. They began as a quirky group of Athens weirdos beloved by college radio DJs, and became one of the biggest rock bands in the world, and then they decided to stop being a band, which you have to kind of admire. Knowing when to quit is not something most big rock bands tend to be very good at.

Reckoning must have been met with some anticipation here at KCMU. As the sticker on the cover says, their debut album the year before had been celebrated by Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, and Record, and had no doubt been spun quite a bit on the air here. There were a lot of fans here, but certainly some detractors, as well as the obligatory folks who thought their even earlier work was better. In fact, one person (Tom?) seems to have so riled people up that their comment has been removed from the record altogether, so we’ll never know just what inspired these first couple reactions: Read More »

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Live Video: A Place to Bury Strangers

photos by Morgen Schuler (view set)

Merchants of sound A Place to Bury Strangers once again drops by KEXP to flex their effects pedals and energetic noise. Armed with songs from their new release, Transfixiation, the Brooklyn trio delivers skull-splitting feedback in true Strangers style but also evident in the opening track “Supermaster” and the romantically retro “Now It’s Over”, underneath all that shoegazing buzz is something beautiful and melodic. Turn your lights down low and watch the full moody set:

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Record Store Day 2015: KEXP DJ & Staff Picks, Part One


This Saturday, April 18th is Record Store Day, and KEXP staff and DJs are eagerly awaiting their chance to grab their faves! Check out their wish lists below, and you can also see DJ Kevin Cole’s list here. Speaking of the Kevster, all week long on The Afternoon Show, he’ll be joined by guests from Seattle record stores at 3:00 PM PT:

Thursday: Mike Batt (Silver Platters)
Friday: Matt Vaughan (Easy Street)

Tune in and get a first listen at many of the records you can get this weekend! And stay tuned for more staff and DJ picks tomorrow.

Cheryl Waters | Host of The Midday Show:

I’m excited about Blitzen Trapper covering Neil Young’s Harvest album. Also, I just heard about the Nirvana covers album Whatever Nevermind when Kevin was chatting with Jason Hughes of Sonic Boom Records on The Afternoon Show. I’m excited to hear more!

Scott Bell | General Manager, KEXP Online Service:

My pick: Jethro Tull, Live at Carnegie Hall 1970. Why? I almost wore through the grooves on my Thick as a Brick LP. Loved Tull back in the day.

Rob Bender | Senior Account Executive, Business Support & Sponsorship:

Mclusky – Mcluskyism

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Song of the Day: Wishyunu – Photoplay


Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. This week, we are featuring new local songs as selected by Audioasis host DJ Sharlese.

Wishyunu – Photoplay (MP3)

Sharlese’s pick for today is “Photoplay” by Wishyunu from their 2015 self-released Photoplay 7″ out May 4th.
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Wednesday Music News

photo by Matthew B. Thompson

  • Courtney Barnett brings us the dark, somber video for the track “Kim’s Caravan” off her latest Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit. She says the song was inspired by her concerns for the Great Barrier Reef, and describes the tune as “an apocalyptic tale of our world painted black with oil and soot, painted red with blood and greed.” Watch below. “Kim’s Caravan” will be released as a limited edition 12″ single this Saturday for Record Store Day (it’s one of DJ Kevin Cole’s picks!), and the b-side is her cover of John Cale’s “Close Watch.” [Pitchfork]

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Scribes Sounding Off: Time for the 2015 EMP Pop Con!


Yes, it’s about to occur again: The Experience Music Project’s Pop Conference, where the best minds of our music journalist generation melt into a whorl of theory, debate, fussy details, bold assertions, bizarre reveals, and loving feels. Papers are given by salty academics, biz workers, scribe-nerds, collecting heads, obsessive scholars, and even musicians themselves (which could also be any of the above, and often is).

This year’s theme-topic is Get Yr Freak On: Music, Weirdness, and Transgression. It runs at the EMP in Seattle from the keynote on Thursday, April 16 (“Can Pop Really Be Transgressive? Poptimism and Its Discontents”), then all day the 17th and 18th, morning till night, with a few papers still be giving out through half of Sunday the 19th. It’s bigger and bolder, and, yes, more bad-ass this year than it’s ever been. That means, more programming, more panels, and extra-awesome events like a concert by TacocaT, Chastity Belt, S, and Childbirth on Friday, April 17. Read more about the specific Pop Con schedule and special concert here.

Two of the people who will be moderating and presenting at the Pop Con this year include Jessica Hopper and Robert Christgau, both of whom have put out new books out that are both very well worth your time.
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