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Review Revue: Thee Headcoats – Heavens to Murgatroid, Even! It’s Thee Headcoats! (Already)

I suppose I should have done this album in the run-up to the Sub Pop 25th mania of recent weeks, but it’s still their 25th anniversary summer, right? Billy Childish’s Thee Headcoats might be the band that started the librarian-antagonizing trend of starting band names with an archaic objective personal pronoun rather than a definiteRead more…

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Review Revue: Thee Headcoats – The Kids Are All Square, This Is Hip!

You know what’s kind of scary? When the entire staff of a college radio station agrees on a band. It was July 1990, and everyone who cared to chime in seemed to love Thee Headcoats — the worst anyone could find to say was seemingly some weeks (or months) later, when they still loved itRead more…

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Review Revue: Various Artists – Here Ain’t the Sonics!

Ahhhh, the tribute LP. A mainstay of the pop music world, tribute compilations pretty much always seem like a better idea in theory than they end up being in practice. Sure, there’s usually a few tunes on there that you’re excited to hear — a band you already loved interpreting the work of another bandRead more…

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