Welcome to the new KEXP Homepage!

New Homepage F.A.Q:

  • Why the new homepage? We wanted to surface more of the exciting content that we have upfront and center. We also wanted to improve the navigation of the site so that it was easier to get you to things you might not have know we offered.
  • New things you may notice:
    • KEXP Player! We updated our scrolling song player to give you more info and features! The new player displays current artist, album, and song (if you click on the artist name, it will search our site for instudio’s, mp3’s, reviews, blog entries and live performances by that artist!) We also show you dj comments, links to the active show and dj page.
    • Top KEXP Charts! Now you can check out our weekly charts right on the homepage.
    • More Content! Now you can see the latest blog story, Video of the Week, and recent shots from our photo gallery.
    • Listen Now! You can now listen to our Song of the Day, Music that Matters and Live Performance podcasts from the comfort of the homepage.
    • New York! Our New York headlines, events and album reviews are now available on the homepage too!
  • When will you update the other pages? Over the upcoming months we will be rolling out updates across the site…new playlist page,  new events calendar, dj blogs, new york playlists, and lots lots more!
  • What if i find a bug? but you won’t!? Well..not true..but if you find a bug..or if you find something that you really like…or don’t like…click on the kexp player in the upper left hand corner of the screen…it will take you to a simple form that you can fill out. We hope that you do!
  • “it doesn’t work on my browser…” We tested the new site on IE6+, Firefox 1.0+,  Safari, Chrome, and a few others. That doesn’t mean it will work perfect everywhere on every platform and browser…yet. Please drop us a line via our feedback link in the player!
  • Why did you start posting banner ads? Funds from online sponsorship banners helps us cover the cost of running the web site and the station.  Similar to why arts organizations include advertisements in their program guides, this helps us to defray costs.
  • Should I expect to see a lot of banners on the site? We’ve decided to limit placements to two per page.
  • How much money do you make from banner ads? That’s a pretty good question. Because this is a new source of revenue, we’re curious ourselves!  We think the revenue will be less than 5% of our budget.
  • Will KEXP remain listener-powered?
    Yes, the majority of our funds comes from individual listeners.  And that’s the way we like it.  Remaining mostly listener-funded — or “listener-powered” — keeps us beholden to the listener.
  • Can I place a banner for my organization? Please contact Tom Smith at tomsmith@kexp.org.  Tom can send you information about the program.
  • What if I don’t like the banner or the sponsor?
    Tell us!  Similar to how we shape and apply guidelines for our on-air underwriting program, your feedback will help us shape guidelines for online sponsorship.

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