Why Music Matters: Stories about the Power of Music

KEXP and AIR (The Association of Independents in Radio) present a new series that demonstrates the power of music through intriguing personal stories ranging from an astronaut, teenager, surgeon, dancer, Yoruba priest and more!

Batch 1, December 2010:

Astronaut, Stan Love – Playlist for space travel. A story about listening to music and watching the earth from space. It’s out of this world.

Seattle family, Jessica, Luke and Pela Ivey – Music brought us together. A story about a really cute little girl and how music saved a marriage.

Anonymous Retail DJ – My music makes you buy more jeans. A pusher of trendy clothing tells all about her trade.

Music therapist, Barbara Dunn – Music saved her life. A woman on the brink of death rebounds because of music.

Modern dancer, Amy O’Neal – Is music a crutch? A story about how music can save you from embarrassment on the dance floor.

Orthopedic surgeon, Divya Singh – The waltz of the O.R. A story about Pink Floyd and hip replacement surgery. Never thought the two would go together, didja?

Professor and priest, Kola Abimbola – Music conquers a city. A story from the Sacred Scriptures of Orisha Religion about how music, not warfare won over a city.

Batch 2, January 2011:

Luge Athlete, Christian Niccum – Music of champions. A story about how music helped one athlete break a record.

Various Voices from Seattle – Music and money. An exploration of how music enriches individuals, communities and the region.

Seattle Resident, Nathan Hotchkiss – With music, it got better. Music takes one teenager out of a repressive environment.

Iranian Actor, Aria Saadi – Forbidden music. Aria runs away from the Iranian police leaping roof to roof for partying.

Hmong Immigrant, Cher Veng – Music connects me to others. A story about Hmong traditional music and teleconferencing.

Seattle Artist, Vivi Perez – Music teaches what school can’t. When school fails to inspire, music fills the gap.

Navajo Musician, Clarence Clearwater – Music heals. A powerful story about how music can help us overcome the pain of the past.

Produced by Anna Boiko-Weyrauch, AIR’s Live Interactive Resident for Fall 2010. Editorial oversight by Kevin Cole. Engineering help by Matt Ogaz. Live Interactive is a collaboration of KEXP and AIR, the Association of Independents in Radio with financial support from AIR members worldwide, Recovery.gov, and the National Endowment for the Arts which believe a great nation deserves great art.

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  1. Jenzi Silverman
    Posted February 26, 2012 at 7:47 pm | Permalink

    Heard Nathan Hotchkiss’s story about how the Cranberries’ music helped him today on Weekend All Things Considered, and absolutely loved it! His story, and the others in this series, are such beautiful examples of the amazing power of music to help people. I actually teach courses about this very topic, and encourage my students to share this kind of story in class about music that has touched or changed their lives…we are even writing a book together about these experiences. If you go here: http://www.cce.umn.edu/documents/olli/Insights_Sp12.pdf, this is the spring newsletter for the organization I teach for — scroll to page 3, and there’s an article about my class and one of my recent powerful music experiences. Thanks again!

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