Scene and Unheard: Tangerine, NEPO 5K DON’T RUN, Peck Fest, and Artache Market Anniversary!

Pony Time

Stacy Peck of Pony Time will be at Hard L Gallery this Sunday
photo by Krystopher G. Beiro

On any given weekend in Seattle, there are a million amazing shows to see – from jazz at a coffee shop or theater, to a grunge show at a DIY space, to a major act at any one of our large venues. Maybe this weekend you want to try something new, maybe you heard one song by this small electronic, folk, grunge group, maybe it as on Audioasis, maybe it was from a friend, or maybe you’re just tired of what you’ve been previously listening to. Luckily for you, the PNW is ripe with local acts. Because we love the amazing diversity of venues, art spaces, producers, bookers, musicians, and talent, we’re going to suggest a few. This week we recommend Tangerine, Land of Pines, and Lures at The Comet; NEPO 5K DON’T RUN from Hing Hay Park to NEPO on Beacon Hill; Peck Fest at Hard L Gallery; and Artache Market‘s two-year anniversary celebrations!

Friday, September 6th:

Poster by Lauren Becherer

Alt-pop is really a poor description of Seattle’s Tangerine. Their sound is really more like dreamy soulful summer-through-winter indie pop. Marika’s vocals are almost to-sweet at moments, saved by their tendency to lurch into a pretty/garage yelp – springy riffs dance through the tracks, again sometimes spilling over into joyous surf rock turf. In the realm of Seattle’s female-fronted bands, Tangerine is filling the unafraid to lack pretension hole in the scene. Listening again to their EP Pale Summer, I’m ridiculously stoked to hear their new Radical Blossoms to see just how much more polished and perfect they can possibly get. They’ll be supported by two other local acts – Lures and Land of Pines. More info here. The Comet, 9:00pm, 21+.


Land of Pines:


Saturday, September 7th:

NEPO House in Beacon Hill is hosting their NEPO 5k DON’T RUN . It’s basically a huge art walk where you can take a stroll from Hing Hay Park to the house itself and check out all the amazing art that has been installed along the way. In fact, several of those who put together last week’s Vigil have been helping make this happen as well. I’m not even sure where to start with all the artists involved. I recommend you check out NEPO’s website for that kind of stuff. The whole event will be topped off by a performance from Pollens as well as Iska Dhaaf once you reach the final destination. And there will be food and slideshows and other good things going on. There is really only one requirement for your involvement in this event – don’t you dare even try to run. More info here. Hing Hay Park, 1:00pm, $10 (children free), all-ages.

Segway Patrol Dance for 5k:


Iska Dhaaf:

Sunday, September 8th:

Sunday boasts two excellent events: one that is having its first (hopefully not last) celebration this year, and the other who is celebrating its two year anniversary. Peck Fest will take place at Hard L Gallery, a newer art space birthed this year that has already hosted some amazing queer artists/events. Artache Market will then celebrate two years with an anniversary market and a show afterwards at the Narwhal.

Peck Fest at Hard L Gallery:

Poster by Lisa Orth

Peck Fest, not to be confused with Hemp Fest or any other fest, is a lovely, potentially incredibly creepy festival dedicated to one drummer named Stacy Peck, who seems to have graduated from household name to local icon. Pony Time might be her most infamous incarnation, and Childbirth the most recently fantasy-band-made-reality. Peck Fest really just seems to be an an excuse to get together and enjoy all things shred-filled – from low-budget high-expectation music videos (see here) to bad tattoos and Star Trek. And all at Hard L Gallery. Sounds excellent. More info here. Hard L, 6pm, SD 5$, 21+.

Pony Time:

(the gals of) Redbook:


 Artache Market Second Anniversary:

Poster by C.M. Ruiz

For the past two years, Artache Market has been pulling together some of the weirdest witchy vibe music with some of the most eclectically curated vintage and handcrafted clothing/objects/sometimes edibles. This September 8th, you can celebrate with several performances throughout the day. During the market you can catch both a life set and a DJ set from Lisa Dank, with Ea$y Iri$ DJing as well. In the evening, the Narwhal will host the varied noisy/panic stricken frenzy of Bright White Lightning, Pentaglam, So Pitted, and All Your Sisters from San Francisco. More info here. Chop Suey, 1pm, 21+.

Lisa Dank:

Bright White Lightning:

All Your Sisters:

Honorable Mentions:

This Wednesday, September 4th, you can see LOVEHOLDLETGO before they go on tour. Their combination of music and poetry will be live at Gasworks park for all to see (free, all-ages). On Thursday September 5th catch the surprise show of FIDLAR (Fuck It Dogs Life’s A Risk) with Seattle’s FF and So Pitted at Black Lodge for a drunken fun fest (all-ages).

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