Review Revue: De La Soul – Three Feet High and Rising


In anticipation of tomorrow’s 3 Feet High and Rising deep dive, it seemed only appropriate to share our DJs’ thoughts from back when this delightful hunk of vinyl slid in the door almost three decades ago. I would say more, but I think the KCMU crew pretty much covers it all (and more) below.

Tune in tomorrow to hear everything that went into making THE DOPEST SHIT OUT.

“The lastest [sic] in ‘flower rap.’ Cool mixes. Don?”

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. It doesn’t quite match my expectations, but then again, nothing would have. Still, this record is innovative and imaginative enough to keep people listening for a long time. Besides sporting the most surreal and imaginative lyrics in rap (forget words like ‘dope,’ ‘fresh,’ etc., these guys coin their own words and also use words and phrases in original ways, expanding the meaning of language like poets), the rappers’ rhythms are always fresh, and the samples are out of this world – some familiar, but you probably won’t hear any on other rappers’ records (at least until this comes out). Welcome to the Daisy Age. P.S. ‘Potholes in My Lawn’ ends side 2, not side 1. ‘Tread Water”s the last song on side 1.”

“Uh-huh! Flower power rap-soul-funk hybrid. Very cool.”

[The top-left chunk of this label is ripped off, and the rest of it contains no punctuation.]
“… People… those… miny… el Spots… well ‘3 Is a Magic # (Yes it is)’ is a lot better next thing you know they’ll do little 12 toes as a punk rock song Its wierd but I like it.”

“C’mon Now!?”

“Tread wawa. Play it.”

“Fun EF-YOO-EN fun. However hard to cue + figure out what song it is your [sic] playing. FUN anyway.”

“Yeah this is some fun. ‘Jenifa…’ is good stuff. I don’t know just play it ok!”


“Shockmaster Recommends The Following Dope Jams: ‘Eye Know‘; ‘Buddy‘; ‘Jenifa‘; ‘Me Myself and I‘; This Is a Recording‘; ‘Ghetto Thang.'”

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Thursday Music News

Junior Boys

photo by Amber Knecht (view set)

  • It had been a five years absence before Canadian electro-pop twosome Junior Boys released their latest, Big Black Coat, earlier this year. Now, just over five months later, they share a new EP which you can stream in its entirety below. Kiss Me All Night features four tracks — three new, and one a cover of John Martyn’s “Some People Are Crazy.” Listen, and then watch their most recent KEXP in-studio here. [Stereogum]

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Song of the Day: Petite League – French New York

Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. Today’s song, featured on the Afternoon Show with Kevin Cole, is “French New York” by Petite League from their new LP, No Hitter, self-released on Scarier Dome.

Petite League – French New York (MP3)

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This Friday: Concerts at the Mural w/ Industrial Revelation, Kyle Craft, Pickwick

rotation bucket

Can you believe it? This Friday, August 26th is the last concert of the 2016 Concerts at the Mural series. It’s been an amazing summer of free, all ages music on the lawn of the Mural Amphitheatre! We’re gonna close out August with another amazing line-up, and, it’s Donor Appreciation Night, so wear your KEXP t-shirts, belt buckles, or other swag, and you’ll have a chance to win some pretty fabulous prizes. These shows are always FREE and all ages, with a beer garden for those 21 and older. (Please note: the bar is cash only!) Gates open at 5:00 PM, so get here early!
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Midnight In A Perfect World: Joey Webb


Seattle-based DJ Joey Webb has been bringing his charismatic energy to the turntables as a steady sound selector behind a wide variety of house, funk, and soul nights. Gaining wisdom and a deep collection holding down parties in previous home bases of New York, Texas, and California, Joey is currently active throwing the recurring JIVE party at Substation in Ballard as well as providing support on a multitude of Seattle house and funk nights. His exclusive guest DJ mix for Midnight in a Perfect World forgoes his usual party-starting vibes for a warm, earthy, organic set that beautifully showcases dusty underground gems that span soul, R&B, lo-fi funk, indie rock, laid-back boogie, and more in a breezy, free-flowing fashion.

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Album Review: Factory Floor – 25 25

If there is one singular takeaway from 25 25, it’s this: Factory Floor are done introducing themselves. A lot of young bands feel immense pressure coming into their first full-length record, and there’s no doubt that the duo of Gabe Gurnsey and Nik Colk Void (then also joined by Dominic Butler) felt this in full. After all, this was the band that was taking industrial back to the core. This was the band that stalked Stephen Morris of New Order to work with him, and who got Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle to produce early singles. With brilliant, fiery singles like “Fall Back” and “Two Different Ways”, it’s easy to see where Factory Floor may have felt a push in the wrong direction. After all, we wouldn’t have “Blue Monday” without “Everything’s Gone Green” and “Hurt”, would we? The band’s unshakable love for such specific influences perhaps put too much pressure on them to create something of a response, when in reality, Factory Floor want to do exactly what their heroes did: mess around with electronics no one understands and create something abstract that no one can pin to a wall. Thankfully, the band know themselves better than critics do, and with their sophomore album, 25 25, they barrel into the unknown with a four-to-the-floor foundation that no one is going to shake. 25 25 follows the band’s eponymous debut with eight tracks of minimal, modular meddling with cause for movement. It’s a sometimes-difficult record that rewards the listener with repeat visits, focused listening, and a deep appreciation for the masters. Hot on the heels of all that’s come before, it’s evident that Factory Floor are truly the rightful heirs to the kingdoms of their heroes.
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Wednesday Music News

Father John Misty

photo by Sally Gray Mahon (view set)

  • You may have seen those “Life of Pedro” tees that Kanye West has been selling. Well, now Father John Misty offers his own version: Life of Padre. The sleeves also read “Juan” and “Misty,” I guess because he couldn’t find a Spanish version of the word “Misty.” It may be a joke, but it’s also kinda for real, because pre-orders are happening now. [Stereogum]

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Song of the Day: Field Mouse – The Order of Things

photo by Shervin Lainez

Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. Today’s song, featured on the Afternoon Show with Kevin Cole, is “The Order of Things” by Field Mouse from their 2016 album, Episodic, on Topshelf Records.

Field Mouse – The Order of Things (MP3)

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Photo Gallery: Concerts at the Mural with The Mynabirds, Radiation City, Crater

The Mynabirds // all photos by Victoria Holt

Seattle, you never cease to amaze us with your passion for music, and we love you for it! Despite rare high temperatures in the mid-90s, over a thousand of you came out last Friday for the latest edition of Concerts at the Mural. And, a little heat was so worth it with the great bill we had. Local ladies Crater presented us with a full-band experience, recruiting members of Bod to bring the dark electro-pop of their debut, Talk to Me So I Can Fall Asleep, to life. Portland’s Radiation City truly radiated (sorry) in the rays — knocking everyone out every time they unleashed their flawless three-part harmonies. (HOW they did sound so impeccable?) And, as the sun set, The Mynabirds took flight (sorry again) with an absolutely gorgeous, heartfelt, warm performance. With her husky vocals and personal lyrics, it felt like frontwoman Laura Burhenn was everyone’s new best friend (and after that performance, we all wish she was!).

There’s just one more event in the 2016 Concerts at the Mural series for you to attend: this Friday, it’s Donor Appreciation Day! Wear your KEXP swag (t-shirts, belt buckle, okay, probably not hoodie) and you’ll have a chance to win special prizes. And, really, the line-up is a prize in itself: Pickwick, Kyle Craft, and Industrial Revelation. Come say goodbye to summer with KEXP and Seattle Center this Friday! Free and all ages, as always.


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Tuesday Music News

photo by Matthew B. Thompson

  • Sharon Van Etten wrote and recorded a new song inspired by the horrible events of the Pulse Club shooting in Orlando back in June. “Not Myself” is a beautiful and haunting tribute to the victims. Proceeds will go to the gun control nonprofit Everytown for Gun Safety. [Pitchfork]
    In her statement, Van Etten wrote:

    I was home with my parents in New Jersey when I heard of the shooting at the nightclub in Florida. Hate, violence, and intolerance has always upset me, but I haven’t been this overwhelmed with sadness and disbelief in a long time. The victims were only trying to be themselves and be comfortable and safe in their surroundings. That safety was violated out of fear and with a gun.

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