Fall Fundraising Drive: What’s Your Reason?

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Today is your last chance to donate during KEXP’s Fall Fundraising Drive. All week long, music lovers like you have told us why they choose to power KEXP and make a gift.

“I Power KEXP for the new discoveries, old favorites, and for keeping me motivated while working long hours as a small business owner!”Andrea in Greenwood

“Like a good friend, KEXP has been with me in good times and bad, has stayed with me as I’ve moved around the country, makes me laugh, makes me cry, and makes me a better human for having known it.”Jonny in Washington DC

“I’m honestly not sure what I love most: 12+ hour breakdowns of Beastie Boys and De La Soul albums, the Friday Song to remind me that the weekend is almost here or actually hearing TV On The Radio on the radio. Fortunately, I don’t have to choose because KEXP does it all.” Jennifer in Harlem

Actually, Jennifer, you do it all. Listeners who donate are the #1 reason you hear commercial-free “music that matters” on KEXP.

Whatever your reason for listening to KEXP, there’s no better time than today for you to help keep the music going strong. Please, donate right now, while there’s still time.

Power Great Music on KEXP!

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Live Review: Echo & The Bunnymen with Ester Drang at Moore Theatre 9/32/2016

Photos and review by Alan Lawrence

Echo and the Bunnymen have created some of the greatest songs in history. Just ask lead singer, Ian McCulloch who mentioned fan favorite “Killing Moon” as such during their sold-out show at The Moore Theatre on September 24th. Unlike many of their 80’s peers, Echo continue to record and release albums, most recently including the quite good Meteorites. This gives them an edge when performing as their creative juices continue to flow.

Echo introduced their dark, Doors-inspired post punk in 1980 and attracted a huge cult following, which, considering tonight’s enthusiastic crowd, continues to follow them 36 years later. Originally begun by Ian McCulloch and Julian Cope, who left before their first album to form Teardrop Explodes, the band full formed when guitarist Will Sergeant joined Ian in 1978 and finally released their first album in 1980 called Crocodiles. Their output ever since has been consistent and creative. Today, Ian and Will are the only remaining members, but they’ve put together a tight and capable band which, this year, includes Sub Pop’s own Kelley Stoltz on rhythm guitar.
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Song of the Day: Anomie Belle – Lovers

photo by Anthon Smith

photo by Anthon Smith

Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part of our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. Today’s song, selected by Midday Show host Cheryl Waters, is “Lovers” by Seattle’s Anomie Belle from her 2016 album, Flux, on Diving Bell Recording Company.

Anomie Belle – Lovers (MP3) Read More »

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KEXP Presents: Macefield Music Festival 9/30-10/2


For the fourth year, KEXP is proud to sponsor the Macefield Music Festival, happening this weekend, Friday, September 30th through Sunday, October 2nd, throughout Ballard. As always, the line-up looks like a KEXP playlist, with this year’s headliners including Zola Jesus, legendary UK art-rock band Psychic TV, reunited early-Sub Pop band Hazel, Fly Moon Royalty, Reigning Sound, Selene Vigil of Seven Year Bitch, and (as you can tell from the poster above) many, many more. The festival even presents a comedy showcase, curated by Kate & Emmett Montgomery and hosted by Kelly Hannah, with comedians Travis Vogt, Sam Miller,Betinna McKelvey, Brett Hamil, Nick Sahoya, Emmett Montgomery, and Sketch Group Day Job.

Both full weekend passes and individual day tickets are available online here. Get pumped with a KEXP Video Roundup featuring many of the artists performing this weekend:

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Thursday Music News

photo by Victoria Holt (view set)

  • Seattle sweethearts Tacocat share a new video today. It’s super-meta, but watch a clip for “The Internet” right here… on the internet. The clip, directed by Faye Orlove, is its own Throwback Thursday through technology from that familiar AOL mail icon to emoticons and more. You won’t find it on “Tacogle” (watch the clip), but you can find the track itself on Lost Time, their most recent release on Hardly Art. (You can also watch them perform the track right here at KEXP back in June.) [Stereogum]

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Review Revue: It’s Immaterial – Life’s Hard and Then You Die

It's Immaterial - Life's Hard And Then You Die

Hello and happy fall! Thank you for bearing with my absence during my summer semi-vacation. (If you didn’t notice I was gone, just smile and play along.) I fear I have bad news, though: This installment of Review Revue marks the day my faith in the unerring wisdom of the 1980s KCMU DJ staff wavered. You will notice, in the DJ comments below, that the first two words you read are “From Australia.” “Oh,” I thought, “another Australian band! Cool.” It is with a heavy heart, though, that I report that It’s Immaterial are in fact from Liverpool, which, last I checked, was in England and not Australia. Shocking, I know. I apologize to the music-loving populations of Australia and Liverpool for this grievous error.

In happier news, I seem to have a strange sixth sense when it comes to posting these obscure albums from the ’80s in an unintentionally timely manner. Just now I discovered that It’s Immaterial not only have a Facebook page, but 5 days ago launched a crowd-funding campaign to mix, master, and release their “lost” third album, House for Sale. How fortuitous! Go check it out and throw the Liverpudlians a few bones if you feel so inclined. Here’s hoping some present-day KEXP DJs get this album when it’s released, know what country the band is from, and demand it be put into heavy rotation! Read More »

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Live Video: Ghosts I’ve Met

photo by Niffer Calderwood

The acoustic, rainy-winter-night ballads of Ghosts I’ve Met, fronted by Seattle’s Sam Watts, are minimal in structure, soothing in spirit, sotto voce in tone, and come with a heavy sense of hope and fleeting moments. Having just released a new body of songs for his 2016 album, Night Repairs, Watts continues to compose in a way that simultaneously makes you mindful of the present while allowing your mind to get lost in the foggy distance. During their in-studio session at KEXP, DJ John Richards quips after hearing “Songbirds,” one of his recent Song of the Day picks, “If I was making an independent film and it involved a road trip that would be the main thrust of the film… that’s the song at the end as they drive off. And all the other songs lead up to that.” Get ready to hit the road with the full session of Ghosts I’ve Met here:

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Song of the Day: My bubba – Charm

photo by Bebe Labree Besch

Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part of our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. Today’s song, selected by Midday Show host Cheryl Waters, is “Charm” by My bubba from their 2016 album, Big Bad Good, self-released on Cash Only.

My bubba – Charm (MP3)
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Why Are We Doing an “Ask a Stupid Question Day” Video Roundup?

Pixies, pondering // photo by Dave Lichterman

It’s okay! You can ask! Because today is “Ask a Stupid Question Day.” The day was established in the ’80s by a group of teachers who noticed that students were hesitant to raise their hands in class to ask questions, that really, may or may not be stupid. But, annually on September 28th, kids can abandon that fear of social ridicule! KEXP would like to extend this courtesy beyond the classroom and into this Video Roundup, because many of our favorite songs are in the form of a query. And that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, people.

(Yes, you can.)

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KEXP Suggests: Chance of Rain Festival 9/28-10/2


With Decibel Festival ending its incredible decade-long run, there was a void in Seattle that the Chance of Rain Festival is poised to fill. The inaugural five-day fest kicks off tonight, presenting art, fashion, and music in nightly showcases at venues across the city: Q Nightclub, Crocodile, Re-bar, Monkey Loft, Artifact Gallery and the Islander Yacht. Detroit techno pioneer Derrick May headlines the fest, and many Midnight in a Perfect World guest hosts are on the bill, including Joey Webb, Pezzner, and Kadeejah Streets, to name a few.

Organized by former Decibel Festival volunteers, the organizers of this ambitious project are committed to “building a presence, team, and approach rooted in community and co-creation that lays the groundwork for growth and development in the years to come.” And, yes, all events will take place, rain or shine.

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