Monday Music News

  • Pop-soul magician Autre Ne Veut debuted his album, Anxiety, last week on Pitchfork Advance and now you can watch this beautiful karaoke inspired video for “Play by Play.” The video, produced by LEGS, starts in a small room with one TV before turning into a collage of many screens for the songs chilling heights – not just Ne Veut’s desperate face or eye or mouth, but the lyrics as well scroll across. [Stereogum]

  • Mudhoney have released a new single from their upcoming album Vanishing Point – and it’s a killer anthem to loving all things basement, undiscovered, unknown, “I Like it Small.” While Mark Arm shouts out his assault on over produced/over grown life, the guitar riffs away – yes, Mudhoney still shreds. [Stereogum]
  • You can now stream Marnie Stern‘s new album, The Chronicles of Marnia, at NPR – as per usual the album features her rapid and breathtaking guitar work layered with her high pitched and often hilarious/life affirming vocals and lyrics. “You don’t need a sledgehammer to walk in my shoes” she sings on “Nothing is Easy” – and it’s true, nothing’s easy but a sledgehammer is completely unnesscary to understand the daily life of Marnie “Win ‘Marnie’ Win” Stern. Her record will be out on March 19th via Kill rock Stars.
  • Dark and deep post-rockers The Soft Moon have released a video for their single “Insides” off last year’s Zeros. As their dark 80s influenced sound might suggest, the video is all black and white (mostly black though) and filled with floating grids, warped close ups, and symbol doors surrounded by a circle of fire in an endless desert. Does it all mean something? I’m not sure, but it’s certainly as mesmerizingly heavy and industrial influenced as the track itself. [Stereogum]

  • It will be summer sometime soon (in some parts of the world it already is!) and in my book summer means loads of slowed down chillwave. London’s WALL gives us this beautiful remix of her current tour-mates Local Natives single “Heavy Feet” off their recent album Hummingbird. She adds wavering synths that dip below the tracks original poppy harmonics – it isn’t exactly happy like the summer is per say, but it definitely feels like swimming through water – quiet and muted, but bright and shining. Check out the beautiful remix at Stereogum.
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