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Divine Fits

Photo by Dave Litcherman

  • Super-group Divine Fits have somehow released two new tracks almost as one — on Conan, they played “Chained to Love” and “Ain’t That the Way” and it worked. Both tracks showcase the Spoon/Wolf Parade vibes as one, while also just totally rocking the way a super-group should. Never ones to miss a beat, the performance was seamless and the new tracks killer. [Pitchfork]

  • Black Mountain member side project Lightning Dust has just released “Loaded Gun” — a minimal synth-y exploration of territory they haven’t traveled yet. Heavy drum beats back a breathy and high voice, while waves of synth wash throughout the disco influenced track. People keep making comparisons to Italians Do It Better — and frankly, it’s true. One could easily picture the video for this track featuring neon-classical deco while characters wearing ’70s style outfits navigate the scene. [Spin]

  • Handsome hip-shaker Father John Misty continues to display his reckless abandon and obsessesion with the sleezy smoke and mirrors of Hollywood with his video for “Fun in Babylon.” The VHS-quality film shows him wandering through some sort of wreckage, which turns out to be a plane crash. By the end, the plane crash isn’t quite what you thought it was — although that doesn’t stop J. Tillman from stealing a pack of smokes from a lost jacket, and dancing on the upturned hull of the torn-apart craft.  [Pitchfork]

  • Alabama girl rocker Waxahatchee returns to the very creek that inspired her name — Waxahatchee Creek — and takes a jump in along with her sister, their dog, and some beautiful and bright lens filters for “Coast to Coast.” Just in case you had forgotten how much the fairly simple album had ruled over the past month or so, this video will both refresh your memory, as well as make you wish you had a hot day and a cool creek to jump in. [Impose]

  • Ambient electronic musician (composer? producer?) CFCF will be releasing a new album this year, Music for Objects, and the first track “Camera” already reveals the same strong understanding of subtly and craft that his previous work has. Horns alter their sound only slightly throughout — or maybe they aren’t at all, and it’s simply the repetition that builds the soft underlying tension of the track — while piano weaves and winds throughout. [GvsB]

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