Review Revue: The Smiths – The Smiths


The last time I posted on The Smiths in this space, I was pretty bummed about the disappearance of various local businesses and the gloomy weather. Good thing those days are behind us, right? Hahahahaha! Ha! Ha. Suffice it to say it’s been a while, and there are a number of fine Smiths albums with plenty of feisty commentary to share with the masses, so the time is ripe to unleash their debut, self-titled LP. Although this was their first full-length, it’s apparent that the band was already a known quantity at the station with a couple of successful singles under their collective belt. (Speaking of under belts, check out the hilarious “what’s going on on this album cover?” gags below.)

Bonus history lesson: The first comment on this record led me to do a little digging, which led to me the fact that KCMU was originally on 90.5 FM. What? Did you all know this? Why am I always the last to learn these things?

“Here goes!… Y’heard ‘em on 90.5 first! This is a band to be reckoned with! Catchy pop much in the same vein as their previous releases. Speaking of previous releases: ‘Hand in Glove’ was their 1st single release in the U.K. Please! Lay off ‘This Charming Man.’ Great song but – hey, this is an album of new songs with the old hits thrown in for good measure, not overplay. Guess what cover-boy Joe is having done to him in the move this shot is lifted from?”

“Being threatened with a Russian-made AK-47 assault weapon? From the film ‘The Good, The Smiths, & the Russians??”

“Given the Japanese Waist Torture with a vegematic tending to the proceedings? P.S. This smokes!”

“‘Reel… is so nice…”

“A lot of this sounds very similar…”

“Hey! An album we can agree on! The Smiths are one of the best pop bands of the last couple of years. It’s encouraging to see Rough Trade getting into a few more pop-oriented bands (see also Aztec Camera, for instance).”

“7/11/90: While hatred of the Smiths (espec. Morrissey) is most justified, I must still admit that this is a 1st rate LP.”

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