Review Revue: Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart – Bomba 12″

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Bomba

You know a musician is beloved at your local college radio station (circa 1990) when they release a 12″ single within months of a full-length LP, and both end up covered in laudatory comments. Such was the case with the “Bomba” record, coming hot on the heels of Without Judgement but no less celebrated for that fact. I would normally give a little more background here, but a) you can see the Without Judgement post if for some reason you want a few more words from me on Mr. Wobble, and 2) the KCMU gang provided pretty much all the background you might need below, and they didn’t even have Wikipedia to consult.

“A collaboration between Jah Wobble (Invaders is his band) and Andy Weatherall (part of the Boys Own team). This is a mix of the reggae & ethnic beats of the Invaders album, with the house beats of Boys Own as well as Pulse 8. I preferred the “Non-sonicus Mix,” the Miles Away mix does have part of Miles Davis’ 1960 recording of “Concierte de Aranjuez” cut into the piece for a nice effect.”

“This is very cool!”

“Strange, isn’t it, that of the old PiL members, it’s Wobble & Atkins that have come out the best musically, while Levene disappeared and Lydon, well…”


“Good good good!”

“I WANT TO HAVE JAH WOBBLE’S BABY, but unfortunately I can’t. But I can play this record. DJ, do yourself a favor + play this record. You won’t regret it. A side is sublime. B side samples not only Miles Davis, but Meat Beat Manifesto too. It’s the best parts of Without Judgement blended with the best parts of Pulse 8’s ‘Radio Morocco’ single. This will transport you to rarely reached levels of ecstasy. Play it up.”

“45 RPM” [always important information to have]

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