Review Revue: Sacred Miracle Cave – s/t

Sacred Miracle Cave

If I thought there wasn’t much info online about Saqqara Dogs, they’re practically overexposed compared to the likes of Sacred Miracle Cave. I could just publish the 1990 KCMU DJs’ thoughts on this album without any of my own nonsense, and I’m pretty sure it would encompass the vast majority of all internet-based knowledge on this particular project. So here goes:

“Features members of the Lazy Cowgirls, Clawhammer, & the Raunchettes. 2-3 was the A-side of their fine Sympathy 7″ (w/Aubrey Beardsley cover).”

“Robert picks 1-1 + 1-3 as his favorites on a really good record.”

“Bloody great – tense, urgent, hypnotic music – reminds me quite a bit of the latest Golden Palominos LP – in feel anyway, it is way rawer in sound. Maybe it should go in the same rotation, too. Note presence of a Lazy Cowgirl.”

1-4 is a surprisingly good Bill Withers cover – it’s hard to top that man’s classic originals. Incidentally, I’m glad to see people like this – I thought quite a few wouldn’t. It’s also cool to see so many strong female vocalists in H for a change.”

“‘Salvation,’ indeed . . .”

“The all sound like Motley Crue power ballads to me . . .”

“No way Todd, the nearest thing we’ve had to Motley Crue we’ve had in rotation lately was Thee Hypnotics.”

“I was sincere, Maaahk; you’re merely vengeful.”

“Well Todd, maybe a TAD, although I really was very disappointed in Thee Hypnotics CD, and I do like this. Sometimes I get defensive, I dunno.”

“GOOD. Eerie & Netherlandish.”

“Lovely, spooky and just plain outstanding. (Unfortunately, skip already on 2-2 – take it easy on our venerable vinyl!)”

“I find this relatively boring + I’m pretty confused as to why it’s still in H . . . I’ve tried to like it but I can’t.”

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